Developing Believable Characters

Developing Believable Characters

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Every good story is energized by gripping characters that come alive on the page, stage and screen. While plot drives any screenplay, the characters make it come alive. Writers need to know how to create believable, complex characters with depth, desire in order for viewers to connect and care about what will happen to those characters.

Paula Landry has written several screenplays, short stories and books and teaches filmmakers to make their films motivated by interesting and multi-faceted characters in the fabric of the writing, no matter what the medium. She shares her fast and fun exercises with writers to help them create better and more interesting characters, which generates into better stories.

Learn the upfront work to build compelling characters easily, which will help you write your screenplay because your characters are writing it as they make choices; reverse engineer your previously-written personalities in your stories into more persuasive and life-like people. By using her 5-quick question technique, you’ll learn whether your characters are believable and understand how to improve them.


  • How to create vivid characters that you ‘know’
  • How to steal from the real people in your life to easily improve your writing
  • Ways to write more marketable stories using better characters
  • How you can hook a reader with your character
  • The importance of characters in driving sales of your work
  • Easy exercises to check the believability of your characters


  • Writers looking to create believable characters
  • Writers who wish to improve their existing work
  • Writers who need more life-like stories
  • Writers who want to challenge themselves
  • Writers seeking to ramp up their game
  • Writers who have script ideas but need help improving them
  • Writers looking for resources to write exciting new scripts

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