Creating the Half-Hour TV Pilot: Single Cam or Three Cam

Creating the Half-Hour TV Pilot: Single Cam or Three Cam

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Sitcoms never go out of style, but the fashion changes. The 'one cam' sitcom is by far the most popular right now, but the 'three cam' is still going. This OnDeamnd webinar will help you figure out how to create both.

Peter has sold two TV pilots in 2017 and is working on a third in 2018. He will share with you how he builds TV story, and how it applies to the half hour sitcom form.

Learn how the three act TV structure works in both one and three cam sitcoms, how to find the right 'hook' for the entire series, the eight questions to ask when you're writing a half hour sitcom pilot, and what production companies and networks are looking for when you 'shop a pilot' (there are three big things.)


  • Why you need at least three 'heroes' in a sitcom (maybe more!)
  • Why the 'core wounds' in a sitcom character can never heal
  • Why stand up comics do so well in a sitcom writer's room
  • The invariable structure of each act in a sitcom
  • How to end each act, and how to 'arc' your episode to a satisfying conclusion
  • How to build a '100 episode' 'permanent dilemma' in a sitcom


  • Writers who need to create a better sitcom pilot
  • Creators wanting to learn the basic forms of the half hour show
  • Producers of webisodes
  • Writers who are stuck in their pilot outline
  • Folks wanting to understand how to write their story bibles
  • Writers who have characters but no 'hook' for their show

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