Creating Funny Characters

Creating Funny Characters

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Do you want to write a comedy screenplay brimming with outrageous, colorful characters who generate laughs with every line? Or, do you simply want to punch up your screenplay with a few laughs, or maybe introduce some much-needed comic relief or a funny sidekick? There are serious techniques for creating classic movie comedy – and they all start with funny characters.

In this OnDemand webinar, a successful veteran comedy writer reveals these techniques and walks you through the precise steps you’ll need to implement them, adding huge laughs to your screenplay. Whether you’re working on a new screenplay or have a script in progress that just needs sharpening, this information-packed experience will leave you with all the ammunition you need to easily amp up the humor in your work.

Using fun examples and clips from popular comedy movies, this webinar gives you a veritable cheat-sheet for creating the funniest possible characters, revealing trade secrets and professional tips and tools to write funny lines, strengthen funny characters, and create new ones who will get laughs with every beat of action.


  • The 8 most popular funny character archetypes
  • How to write proven-successful character types in a fresh, new way
  • Three big mistakes most writers make when trying to write funny characters
  • A secret trick for creating a signature funny moment for any character
  • The 11 different types of jokes (there are only 11!), and how to write them
  • More than a dozen easy-to-use tricks and tips for sharpening your comedy dialog


  • Writers who want to create fresh, funny characters
  • Writers who want to pepper their existing characters with some funny moments
  • Writers who want to add comic relief to their screenplay
  • Writers looking to punch-up their work
  • Writers who want to write a truly funny, entertaining comedy screenplay
  • Writers who want to “raise their game” in writing funny dialog
  • Writers who enjoy humor in movies and simply want to understand it better
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