Crafting Loglines That Sell

Crafting Loglines That Sell

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This how-to video presented by Daniel Manus will show you the necessary tools to craft loglines that will sell your screenplay.

A logline is your whole story boiled down to its most sellable and describable core while still making it feel totally original. It presents the dramatic narrative of the story but without major details, intricacies, plot twists or subplots.

Your logline is the first (and sometimes only) thing an exec is going to read of your work, so it needs to grab his or her attention, tell them something of substance, make them curious to read more, and make it clear that there is a real story there.

In this how-to video, you’ll learn
  • What your logline needs to contain
  • How to create a logline that is active and marketable
  • How great films wrote their loglines
  • And more!
You’ll love this video if you want to:
  • Create a logline for your latest script
  • Learn how to market yourself as a writer
  • Sell your movie script

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