Building The Perfect Scene

Building The Perfect Scene

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Film audiences don’t leave the theatres thinking about how great a movie was structured. They remember charged moments and how the scenes made them feel. What audiences connect with most can be summarized in four words: actions, dialogue, images, and emotions. This how-to video draws from the most powerful scenes in history to help screenwriters create a story structure that elicits the same reaction from audiences.

Developing a screenwriting format that will result in unforgettable scenes that wow audiences is no easy task. In this how-to video, screenwriter Crickett Rumley will walk you through asking the right questions to make sure you’re focused on story writing that ends with memorable scenes. Whether you’re revising a completed script or just starting the brainstorming process, her tips can help you create a masterpiece with scenes that will live on in the minds of audiences long after they’ve left the theatres.

In this how-to video, you’ll learn:

  • The nine questions every screenwriter should ask themselves when building scenes.
  • How to take a critical look at every character in your story and fully develop their goals within the plot.
  • To analyze your writing by examining your story, locations, portrayal of characters, design of actions and dialogue, and use of conflict.

You’ll love this video if you want to:

  • Create scenes that evoke strong reactions from audiences.
  • Build strong and unforgettable characters and plots.
  • Analyze your writing by drawing from your favorite movie scenes.

After working for writer-director John Sayles and actress Julia Roberts, Crickett Rumley started teaching screenwriting at the New York Film Academy in New York. She also worked for the Telluride Film Festival, lectured at the Greenwich Classic Film Series, served on the Nantucket Film Festival Programming Committee, and was the Director of Development for Scriptstar Pictures in Warrenton, VA.

As a screenwriter, Crickett adapted Susan Taylor Chehak's Smithereens for Killer Films and Julia Alvarez’s “The Suitor” for Gigantic Pictures and PBS, developed projects with Pink Slip Pictures, and pitched ideas all over Hollywood.

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