Building Act One: Plot, Character, & Narrative Devices

Building Act One: Plot, Character, & Narrative Devices

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It is essential that the first act of your screenplay provides a strong foundation for the remainder of your script. A truly effective first act plants so many seeds that will blossom as the later acts unfold. Script analyst, Charles Borg, explain all elements necessary to a great first act.

This tutorial emphasizes the importance of creating your characters and your plot side by side and why treating them as separate entities will unravel your script later on. Work on the pacing and maximize your tension to ensure that your first act lays the ground for a compelling screenplay.

Charles Borg has an MFA in screenwriting from Chapman University. He currently works with APA and is a script consultant for The Writers Store. His expertise in story development will help you to create a solid foundation for your screenplay.


  • Break down the major plot points in Act 1
  • Ensure that your protagonist is well developed
  • Choose the correct pacing for your script to have maximum impact
  • Turn up the tension to make your script a page turner

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