Breathing Life into Your Characters: Transform a Cliched Story into an Exceptional Script

Breathing Life into Your Characters: Transform a Cliched Story into an Exceptional Script

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A film script or TV series pilot is only as good as its characters. Even a clichéd plot can create an interesting movie providing the characters are well-rounded and compelling. The question is, what is the difference between a one-dimensional character and a fully rounded, fascinating character? In this webinar, you will learn how even clichés can be transformed into something original by applying a, simple to learn, technique.

This webinar is perfect for any writer who has ever struggled to find original ideas. Whilst many writers try to solve the originality problem by looking for new stories, the real answer is to invest time and energy into yout characters. Original, three-dimensional characters will always generate high-quality scripts, even if the story being told has been done a million times before. This is because audiences fall in love with characters, not with stories.

The techniques taught in this webinar are working tools used by the instructor during twenty-years of screenwriting and a life-long dialogue with other screenwriters about what works and what doesn’t. What makes this approach unique is it teaches how to develop a three-dimensional cast, not just a three-dimensional protagonist.


  • How to transform a clichéd character into a unique individual
  • Why it pays to create a three-dimensional cast rather than just a unique protagonist
  • How to create a three-dimensional cast using the “character development sheet”
  • The important character roles in the story
  • How to use the “character development sheet” to radically reboot a story by shifting character roles
  • How to crush writer’s block by using the character development sheet


  • Writers who want to write original, eye-catching scripts
  • Writers who want to create original characters
  • Writers who want to improve their craft
  • Any Writer who has ever experienced writer’s block
  • Writers looking to radically rewrite a project
  • Script Editors looking for a new and highly effective tool to understand scripts
  • Script Doctors looking for a tool to breakdown, understand and transform a failing script
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