Breaking into the TV Writers Room in 2016

Breaking into the TV Writers Room in 2016

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The world of creative TV production continues to explode! Now is your chance to break in. Exploring the staff writing, assistantship, new writer program opportunities in TV, this webinar will help you focus on specific ways to advance your career in TV writing.

There are specific steps every writer looking to get a staff writing positions has to have. A stellar spec script is essential. Targeting the right readers is also a necessity. In this webinar, accomplished writer and educator Tom Benedek will give practical guidance that will give you the edge you need to be competitive.


  • How successful TV writers have gotten started
  • How to optimize the reach of your spec scripts
  • How to make yourself a candidate for staff writing positions
  • What showrunners are really looking for


  • Writers seeking to enter the TV workplace
  • Writers planning their next TV writing project
  • Writers who want to work on marketing their talents
  • Writers exploring TV employment opportunities
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