Breaking Into Corporate Writing Webinar

Breaking Into Corporate Writing Webinar

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Businesses offer some of the most rewarding, creative and lucrative opportunities available to freelancers today—and breaking in can be easier than you think. No matter what kind of writing you've done so far, if you're a good storyteller who can communicate well, you're already qualified for the job! This webinar will show you exactly how to get it.

Perhaps you're a full time freelancer. Or maybe you're an aspiring novelist who needs to makes some extra cash while you wait for that first big contract. Either way, if you need to make money, corporate writing is one of the best, most dependable ways to do it.

What you'll learn:

  • Why corporate writing can be a viable pursuit for any type of writer (no experience necessary)
  • How the current corporate downsizing trend can actually benefit freelancers.
  • Why it's easier now than ever before to build a broad, diverse client base
  • What types of writing projects you can expect—and how much you'll earn
  • What essentials you need to have in place before approaching potential clients
  • How to kick-start your corporate writing practice
  • Tips for standing out from your competition
  • Ways to grow your portfolio, clientele and profit over time
  • How to boost your writing income, even if the freelance lifestyle isn't for you