Break Into Reality Television Writing

Break Into Reality Television Writing

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Reality television has proven itself to be more than a fad, but now that the novelty is wearing off, the real story careers belong to those who know how great story works and can translate that knowledge into this booming field.  Unlike traditionally scripted shows, you can't break in with a great spec... you'll need to know the entry points and what makes a great storyteller in the genre.  The truth about reality television is seldom discussed, and it's at once more and less manipulated than you think.

Reality is a collaborative genre, and understanding the hierarchy of production will help you as you begin a career.  You'll learn not only the basics of story, but gain an understanding of the way story departments and shows are constructed.  What are logs?  Beat sheets?  OTFs?  Learn the lingo and talk the talk from the very beginning.

Troy DeVolld has been active in reality for more than fourteen years, and brings with him the experience of having worked on several hit shows as a story producer, supervising producer and co-executive producer.  He'll share how to compose and conduct great interviews, map out and arrange the content you need, and how to deal with cast, execs and networks effectively.


  • The fundamentals of creating quality stories that track
  • How to compose and conduct interviews and the basics of working with talent
  • How to ensure you get what you need in the field
  • The collaborative nature of field and post teams
  • How to position yourself as you begin a career in reality
  • The story ladder and plotting a career trajectory


  • Writers who are looking to transition from traditional scripted to reality
  • Aspiring creators of reality content seeking to get an overview of the process
  • Media students whose education may be lacking a reality/nonfic component
  • Network and agency assistants and new execs looking for an overview of the process
  • Writers looking to broaden their skill set
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