Amp Up the Stakes: Create a Ticking Clock

Amp Up the Stakes: Create a Ticking Clock

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Urgency, tension and conflict are all essential ingredients in a script that will keep readers up all night, but it can be difficult to be sure that your script has those elements turned up in their script. The easiest way to ensure that you never fall into the trap of writing a boring script: create a ticking clock or a ticking time bomb. The most memorable scripts are those that include a time dependent crisis. Timothy Cooper will guide you through creating the ticking clock in your own story and show you how you can dial up the urgency and tension by making small changes to your script. It’s possible that your script is just a few tweaks away from being the game changing script that will grab and hold your readers.


  • Tighten your film's time frame to ratchet up tension 
  • Give your protagonist the biggest challenge he/she has ever faced
  • Steadily ramp up conflict throughout the script
  • Construct the vital but underutilized midpoint turn Illustrate characters' internal arcs with visual, film-worthy external signifiers Invoke the almost too-easy “3/4 trick”
  • Double the pressure in your climax
  • Use recent blockbusters as templates
  • Add tension and stakes within romcom, comedy, and indie genres—not just thriller, sci-fi, and horror

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