7 Common Blunders Screenwriters Make (and How to Avoid Them)

7 Common Blunders Screenwriters Make (and How to Avoid Them)

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Gain a competitive edge by overcoming the mistakes that developing writers commonly make—by replacing those mistakes with sound writing strategies. This is not your typical presentation on the overall structure, paradigms, and other macro issues; this OnDemand webinar focuses on the specifics of writing and revising a screenplay gleaned from two decades of reading and evaluating screenplays. Clear and explicit examples are provided.

Learn how to discover and dramatize the cinematic moments and emotional beats in your screenplay that make a difference. Understand how to write for your true audience: the reader. Get answers to questions: What are the secrets of writing crisp movie dialogue and great scenes? How many details do I include in my exciting scene? What’s the real difference between show and tell, and how do I apply the “less is more” principle to my screenplay? What is the single most common formatting error screenwriters make that hurts their chances with readers?


  • How to create original material
  • How to convert obvious exposition into dramatic dialogue
  • How to write compelling action
  • How to milk the emotion and make the reader cry
  • When to shorten and lengthen scenes
  • When and how to leave room for subtext in dialogue
  • How to apply the Readability Factor
  • Find your unlimited supply of characterization opportunities
  • How to write with creative abandon
  • How to craft a cunning core story statement (pitch)
  • And so much more!


  • Writers who have just begun a script
  • Writers who have completed a script
  • Writers having difficulty revising their script
  • Anyone in the midst of the writing process

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