12 Things to Nail Down Before You Start Your Next Rewrite

12 Things to Nail Down Before You Start Your Next Rewrite

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Rewriting a draft script is very important, but notoriously difficult to most writers. Tom Benedek, screenwriter and teacher, has vast experience with teaching screenwriting and rewriting. In this OnDemand webinar, you’ll learn to create a rewrite agenda which addresses "the big 12" screenplay elements to take your draft to the next level. You will acquire a method to walk the fine line between over-thinking and under-thinking when rewriting script pages to make it a satisfying and successful creative process. You will also be taught a system to bring an instinctive, common-sense approach to improving your script dramatically.


• How to win the war by writing a breakthrough draft.
• How to generate a matrix of creative elements that will elevate AND mesh easily with what you have already written.
• Strategies to quickly redevelop and energize your characters.
• Tactics to weave better subplots to build out story and theme.
• Tactics to re-structure plot conflict to best engage and entertain readers.
• How to identify underdeveloped story elements before typing fade in.
• How to strengthen the writing process so you can make sure your story outline or beat sheet has all the walls it needs to support your story.


• Beginning, intermediate, or advanced-professional screenwriters looking for new ideas to improve their craft.
• Writers that are just starting a draft or want to greatly improve their current project.
• Writers looking for strategies for character development, subplots, and theme.
• Writers looking to refine their plot or wanting tactics to improve their plot.
• Writers looking to develop a solid story outline or beat sheet.

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