10 Ways to Get Noticed (in a Good Way)

10 Ways to Get Noticed (in a Good Way)

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Structure is just as important for your marketing plan as it is for the screenplay itself. Give your script the opportunities it deserves. Learn a system to get your script in front of the people who can bring it through the system. Master strategy that can open the right doors for your script. Hone your marketing plan to identify champions for your movie. Hook them with your logline. Develop a focused written presentation to showcase your creative voice.

Having a great script to send out is all important, but it is never too soon to gather the knowledge necessary to get your script into the right hands when it is ready. The script marketplace has shifted and continues to evolve. Awareness of the script market increases possibilities for success.


  • How to write a logline that resonates
  • Where to send your script
  • Who, specifically, to query
  • How to reflect your original voice in all written communication


  • Beginning Screenwriters
  • Intermediate Screenwriters
  • Advanced-Professional Screenwriters

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