10 Steps to Developing a Killer TV Pilot

10 Steps to Developing a Killer TV Pilot

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There are hundreds pilot scripts circulating in Hollywood.  Most of them will never be produced or even be able to be used as a great writing sample. Knowing the critical elements that all agents, managers and executives are looking for in a pilot script will help you to be taken seriously and get the traction needed to launch a successful television writing career.

As a development executive, Carole heard more than three thousand pitches and was involved in developing hundreds of pilot scripts and dozens of television series. Over the years it became clear that the most successful scripts and series had certain elements in common. Those elements were created during the development process of writing the pilot script. In this OnDemand webinar, Carole shares step-by-step what those elements are so you can take a fresh look at your concept, outline or script to make it irresistible to the television industry.

Carole has worked with hundreds of successful writers throughout the development process and through that work created a template for what goes into a killer pilot script.  You don’t have to settle for a script that gets you good feedback but no meetings.


  • A concrete, step by step guide to creating an industry-ready pilot script
  • What kind of ideas make great pilots
  • What’s at the heart of a great pilot script
  • How to create compelling characters
  • What your pilot story has to have
  • A simple but powerful formula for creating a killer log line that’s the basis of your pilot
  • What you need to pitch your pilot
  • The road to getting staffed


  • Writers with a completed pilot script but it isn’t getting them traction
  • Writers who are in the middle of a pilot script and are stuck
  • Writers who are in the middle of a pilot script and want to make it great
  • Writers who are ready to start their first pilot script and want to get it right
  • Writers who have ideas for pilots but need help implementing them
  • Writers looking to sell their pilot
  • Writers looking to get staffed

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