Query Letter - Strategies That Work

Query Letter - Strategies That Work

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The query letter is the most often used and often disastrous tool a writer employs to sell a project. It’s often the first thing an exec will read before deciding if they want to read the script. The query letter is a writer’s first impression – and much like when trying to get a first date, the point of a query letter is to entice whoever is reading it, to want more. If you find that you have sent out 100 queries and gotten no reads, you need to rework it.

You will learn:

  • What query letters and dating have in common
  • How to write your query letter line by line
  • The proper etiquette of a query letter

You should watch if:

  • Your query letter isn't getting noticed
  • Marketing for yourself challenges you
  • You want to write a respectable query

This how-to video presented by Daniel Manus will show you the necessary tools to writing foolproof successful query letters. Download this video today and get noticed through your query letter!

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