Writing Successful Sitcom Pilots

Writing Successful Sitcom Pilots

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TV sitcoms are more than a series of jokes. The characters in sitcoms are ‘real’ people no less than characters that you can find in the grittiest of TV dramas. You regularly seek out the company of your favorite sitcom characters to spend an enjoyable half-hour with them because they invariably make you laugh, but also because they are relatable.

The ‘situation’ of situation comedy is the plot—where your characters are, what you are putting them through. In this webinar, you will learn how to build a premise into a story, and then a story into a pilot episode, and finally pilot into a series. In sitcoms, character and plot are closely intertwined. The reactions of your characters need to be authentic.

Learn what elements are necessary to write a successful pilot for your sitcom.


  • How to develop comedic protagonists and supporting characters.
  • How to build and develop a premise.
  • How to sustain a lasting comic arc.
  • Why pilot stories are different than ordinary episodes.


  • Writers who want to learn what’s involved in writing a sitcom pilot.
  • Writers interested in creating a sitcom series.
  • Writers who want to develop the special skill of creating strong characters.
  • Writers developing a premise into a series.
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