Screenwriting Marvel-Style: How to Apply the Rules of the Most Successful Films in the World to Any Script

Screenwriting Marvel-Style: How to Apply the Rules of the Most Successful Films in the World to Any Script

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Just a few years ago, American screenwriting was dying. Studio scripts seemed to be written by machines with all humanity and individuality slashed out… and the superhero movies were the worst of the worst. Then Marvel Studios started making its own movies instead of letting the majors control their properties, and they reinvented the craft of screenwriting for a new millennium.

They did this by following a set of simple rules – on character development, on plotting, on structure, on story. What resulted was not only hit after hit – it was a series of increasingly great and increasingly ambitious movies. But these Marvel Rules aren’t just for super-heroes – they can help guide any script in any genre to reach its maximum potential.

In this OnDemand webinar you will learn these ten simple rules. You’ll see the problems they were created to solve, and you’ll see how those solutions turned script troubles into triumph. And you’ll discover how to use these rules to develop – or rescue – your own script.

In my work as a creative consultant to some of the fastest growing film and TV production companies in China I’ve used these rules to help develop a slate of superhero movies and the country’s first science fiction TV show. I’ve seen how effective they are and how much better the scripts have become once the writers understood them. Now I want to do the same for you.


  • How the Marvel Rules work in a script
  • How to define a character the Marvel way
  • How to structure a story to build from first scene to last
  • How to turn information into drama and drama into thrills
  • How to make the “slow” parts of your script as compelling as the climax
  • How to build your story on a bedrock of theme


  • Writers who are planning a script
  • Writers who are stuck in the middle of a script
  • Writers with completed scripts that haven’t sold
  • Writers who want to understand the secrets behind an unbroken string of hits
  • Writers who want to compete with the best
  • Writers who need to learn how the craft is evolving
  • Marvel fans who want to understand how these films work
  • Producers and executives developing scripts with writers
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