Writing Memorable Characters

Writing Memorable Characters

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Writing amazing screenplays starts with crafting memorable characters that jump off the page and become the types of characters people quote and remember for years to come. In this OnDemand webinar, script doctor Cody Smart shares what she’s learned throughout her years helping elevate all sorts of Hollywood scripts: character-driven stories are what readers and buyers are looking for.


  • How to craft memorable characters that jump off the page
  • The importance of writing character-driven stories
  • How to write characters that feel fresh, three-dimensional, and original
  • The importance of writing characters the reader can easily connect with
  • How to craft protagonists that lead the action and aren’t passive actors in their own journeys
  • The importance of the protagonist’s core wound or flaw, how that is linked to their arc, and how their arc should be connected to the turning points of the script
  • How to write antagonists that feel like the heroes of their own stories, and are as equally interesting and fleshed out as the protagonist, as well as worthy adversaries
  • How to write supporting characters that aren’t just stereotypes or fillers, and instead powerful, layered characters that have unique subplots
  • How to give characters unique voices
  • How to introduce characters in action
  • How to describe characters in powerful ways
  • How the best film and TV writers have crafted the most memorable characters audiences love

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