The One Sentence That Can Make Your Script or Kill It

The One Sentence That Can Make Your Script or Kill It

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For many writers, coming up with a logline is the last thing to do before sending the script off to a prospective manager or the next contest. It’s a tedious chore to be put off as long as possible and then gotten over with quickly – like doing taxes or going to the dentist.

But the logline is actually the most important element of your entire project. Done correctly, it’s a tool that can save you months of work and hundreds of pages of wasted effort. And it can be the difference between a script that readers can’t wait to tell people about… and one they can’t bear to keep reading.

In this OnDemand webinar veteran showrunner and writer of the best-selling Writing the Pilot books, William Rabkin, discusses how to conceive and craft the logline that will define your story, characters, goals, and themes—and keep your writing on track from beginning to end.

William Rabkin, author of the best-selling Writing the Pilot, Writing the Pilot: Creating the Series and the forthcoming Writing the Pilot: The Streaming Series, has written and/or produced more than 300 hours of television and more than a dozen pilots. He recently co-created and wrote HBO Asia’s science fiction thriller Dream Raider (streaming on HBO Max) and co-wrote the upcoming Swedish/English miniseries Estonia: The Last Wave.

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