SHOWSTOPPER: Writing the Scene That Helps Sell Your Script

SHOWSTOPPER: Writing the Scene That Helps Sell Your Script

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Remember that scene that everyone talks about and can't wait to tell their friends? Well, it's called the showstopper, and nicely sums up your script in one glorious sequence. Whether it's comedy, drama, action, or horror, writing the showstopper scene is essential to pitching and selling a script in today's Hollywood. But writing a great showstopper can be more difficult than it first appears.

This OnDemand webinar will illustrate the process of rolling your characters, plot, dialogue, and action into one glorious, undeniable showstopper to get your work stuck in the heads of Hollywood buyers.

No matter how talented the screenwriter is, if they’re going to succeed in today’s “attention economy” they need to get their work noticed. And there is no better way to gain excitement around your concept than writing an incredible scene that nobody can forget. This required a writer to know their material inside and out, so they can take it to the next level with a thrilling and sublime showstopper that highlights the very best of their work.

But to create a successful showstopper scene or sequence, key ingredients must be identified and then integrated from your larger story. In this OnDemand webinar Jon James Miller, award-winning screenwriter, and novelist, teaches how writers can encapsulate the essence of their story in one glorious scene and highlight the very best elements that make their stories worth telling and buying.


  • The analytical tools necessary to create the showstopper
  • How to capture and enhance your premise in one glorious sequence or scene
  • Understanding what a showstopper scene must consist of to be successful
  • How to showcase the very best elements of your cinematic concept
  • How to structure your story to build tension and keep readers turning the page
  • How to rewrite and revise your story until it is the best version it can be

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