Loglines: How to Sell Your Script in One Sentence

Loglines: How to Sell Your Script in One Sentence

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Loglines are more art than science. They are a promise to the reader that a script is not only worth their time but going to change their life. If successful, a logline will stick in a reader’s mind and motivate them to read and become a champion of your work. Great loglines create a question in the reader’s mind that can only be answered by reading the script it defines. Whether a character piece, a genre-busting drama, or a dark comedy – a successful logline will entice a reader to take a chance and believe in your vision.

This OnDemand webinar demystifies the process of creating an exciting and utterly irresistible logline. Both successful and unsuccessful loglines will be deconstructed to illustrate the working parts, hierarchy, and transformative elements necessary to grab hold of your reader’s attention, no matter what the genre, budget or medium.

Jon James Miller has written several award-winning screenplays and assisted dozens of other screenwriters in getting their loglines ready for prime time. He has been a professional reader for studio executives, having written coverage for hundreds of original spec scripts, and knows a great logline when he sees one. Jon will help you find your voice and teach how a logline should be treated as the very first line of a story.


  • How to structure a logline to get your screenplay read
  • How to include character, genre, plot, setting, and the stakes in a 25 – 35 word logline
  • How to write a logline that actors, directors, and producers will remember


  • Writers who want their logline to stand out in an overcrowded spec marketplace
  • Writers who want to master the art of writing a great logline
  • Writers who want to learn how to successfully sell a film project
  • Writers who need help describing their screenplay in one or two sentences
  • Writers looking to take their logline-writing skills to the next level

Jon James Miller is an award-winning screenwriter, novelist, and short story writer. His debut novel, Looking For Garbo http://www.lookingforgarbo.com a noir thriller was published by Amphorae Publishing Group http://www.amphoraepublishing.com/product/looking-for-garbo/ and is a 2019 INDIES Book Award Finalist (https://www.forewordreviews.com/awards/) and 2019 MiPA Book Awards Finalist (https://mipa.org/midwest-book-awards/). Jon is represented by Jill Marr at Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. 

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