Connect Your Characters With Your Audience or Your Script Dies

Connect Your Characters With Your Audience or Your Script Dies

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Are your characters connecting? Features and pilots succeed or fail based on the ability of the writer to get the audience to connect with the characters. If you can’t do that, your script will die. Finding ways to get your audience to genuinely care about your people is often overlooked, or treated too casually, which is a big reason why so many scripts fail to attract attention.

Tim Schildberger has spent a lifetime writing scripts of all types and working with writers all over the world. His insights and tips about embracing your connection with your audience will quickly elevate your awareness of this important relationship, and lead to a better script.

In this OnDemand webinar, Tim teaches the difference between an authentic character versus a series of traits and how important it is for you to connect emotionally with the people in your story. Tim also discusses the destructive power of unintended character information, gives tips on discovering the authenticity of every character, and explores why paying attention to small details can have a huge impact on your audience, and how they respond to your characters.

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