Writing Great Scenes

Writing Great Scenes

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Too many writers think that a scene is just two people talking or arguing. Or they use the scene as an opportunity to advance the plot, reveal character, or simply make an impact through set-pieces. While there’s some validity to that, most amateur scenes tend to fall flat and disengage the reader, who ultimately tosses the script in the recycling bin. Writing great scenes requires talent, skill, know-how and practice. While the first two can’t be taught, you can learn what makes a great scene, recognize when a scene doesn’t work and why, and apply practical techniques as you craft dramatic scenes and increase your chances of writing a compelling script.


  • The three types of scenes in a screenplay
  • How to craft and structure the basic dramatic scene
  • Effective techniques to make your scene more compelling
  • The key elements of the pre-writing phase of a good scene
  • The crucial distinction between passive and active conflict
  • The most common scene problems and how to avoid them
  • How to craft scene subtext
  • How to use the Emotional Palette to create tension and anticipation
  • All about pacing, scene variety, and scene transitions


  • Screenwriters who wish to take their scene writing to the next level
  • TV writers who wish to deepen their understanding of scenes and dramatic beats
  • Playwrights who want to deepen their understanding of dramatic scenes
  • Novelists who want to deepen their knowledge of storytelling
  • Anyone interested in the psychology of dramatic writing
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