Plot To Thrill: Creating a Story for an Audience That’s Already Seen Every Story

Plot To Thrill: Creating a Story for an Audience That’s Already Seen Every Story

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The victim is actually the killer! The police chief is actually the head of the conspiracy! She’s my sister AND my daughter! Twists like those used to be enough to keep an audience enthralled, happy, and satisfied. But in these story-saturated times, with 600 new series appearing every year, viewers have seen so many stories they can spot just about any plot twist coming two episodes before the writer can get there… and when they do, they’re not going to stick around to be proved right. Is it even possible to craft an original story that can entertain and surprise an audience that has seen it all a hundred times before?

Three recent limited streaming series prove that it is. The Diplomat, Inside Man, and Rabbit Hole provide a master class in deception, distraction, camouflage, and bluff, and in this OnDemand webinar, William Rabkin tears apart every piece of deception to see just how the writers pull it off. He teaches the tricks, the gimmicks, and the honest plotting moves that allow these shows to keep even the most jaded audiences in constant suspense.

William Rabkin, the author of the best-selling Writing the Pilot books, has been creating and writing mysteries for 35 years and has been nominated twice by the Mystery Writers of America for their Edgar Award and has always been fascinated by the way plots work… or don’t.

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