Write A Film Treatment That Will Get Your Script Requested

Write A Film Treatment That Will Get Your Script Requested

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Feature film treatments are not written for the general population. They are scrutinized by savvy industry pros who know story, proportion, pace and demand a big start and an even bigger finish in a film project. Treatments are often the happy medium between the writer and the rest of the industry who are often too busy to read an entire script. That’s why film treatments are such a major sell-piece for a writer in today’s competitive marketplace. Not intended to take the place of a script but encapsulate and highlight a script’s strengths, a well-executed film treatment is the necessary lead-in to get overworked industry pros to sit down and read your stuff.

This OnDemand webinar illustrates how you can capture the imagination of busy executives with notoriously short attention spans – and garner the all-important script request. Topics will include techniques to master writing a compelling, fast-paced treatment full of your movie’s most evocative imagery, characterizations and snippets of dialogue. More importantly, this webinar will give you the editorial eye to decide what not to include, without sacrificing your character’s backstory and narrative arc. Also addressed will be how to write a film treatment that will help market your script as well as address structural weaknesses and fix them before you send your script out to industry.


  • How to create a treatment that is a fast-paced, enjoyable read.
  • How to incorporate evocative visuals and snippets of dialogue into a treatment.
  • How to establish the stakes of your story at the very beginning of a treatment.
  • How to introduce your characters and the world they inhabit on the first page.
  • How to identify the story beats that get to the heart of your story.
  • How to use narrative techniques to establish tone, pace and style.
  • How to create fresh prose that will excite your audience.
  • How to edit your prose to remove unnecessary story elements that will only slow down the reader.


  • Screenwriters who are interested in writing an effective film treatment.
  • Writers who want to keep the reader excited and engaged while reading their work.
  • Screenwriters who want to avoid story elements that will slow down the reader and risk getting a pass before their script is even requested.
  • Screenwriters who want to take their treatment writing to the next level.
  • Writers who want to infuse their treatment with imagery and dialogue that will get their script requested.
  • Screenwriters who want to increase their chances of selling a screenplay by crafting a compelling, fast-paced film treatment.
  • Screenwriters who want to utilize treatment writing as a way to identify and remove structural weaknesses in their script.
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