The Ultimate Screenwriting Package

The Ultimate Screenwriting Package

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This curated bundle of Writers Store digital products includes  Final Draft 12® screenwriting software and OnDemand Webinars; the essentials for both new and experienced screenwriters looking for guidance and inspiration!

Final Draft is the first choice of professional screenwriters and filmmakers around the world for outlining, writing, and professionally formatting their plays, musicals, and screenplays, valued at $249.99.

Experienced instructors cover topics surrounding screenwriting from both a craft and industry perspective, with webinars on character building, the challenges of rewriting, and how to create a compelling logline for your pitch.  Supplies are limited—don't wait!

Final Draft 12 ® (Digital Download)


Final Draft 12


Final Draft is the number-one selling screenwriting software in the world and used by 95% of the entertainment industry. Industry giants such as James Cameron, JJ Abrams, and Aaron Sorkin recommend using Final Draft to write your screenplay. Create a professional-looking script like the industry pros! ($249.99 value) 


The Pocket Screenwriting Guide: 120 Tips for Getting to FADE OUT (Digital Guide) 

The Pocket Screenwriting Guide: 120 Tips for Getting to FADE OUT
Since 1982, professional and aspiring scribes have looked to  us at The Writers Store as trustworthy experts on all matters  related to screenwriting. It’s been our passion to continually  seek out the best and most up-to-date answers to the many  queries we receive on a daily basis. This handy little guide  serves as the culmination of our many years in the Industry. In  it you’ll find 120 tips on plot, structure, character and  mythology that give you a constant point of reference while  you write. ($9.95 value) 



Screenwriting Basics (On Demand Course)

Screenwriting Basics

Want to break into the film industry but have no idea where to start? Take the Screenwriting Basics course and get a comprehensive introduction into the world of writing films in just four weeks. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of the craft and the principles of screenwriting. ($39.00 value)




Truby’s Secrets: How to Write a Blockbuster (Audio Download)

Truby’s Secrets: How to Write a Blockbuster

Discover how to write a blockbuster film that will wow audiences. Learn the fundamental techniques used by the pros to create structure in your story and form interesting characters. Plus, you’ll also get examples from classic blockbusters and find out the secrets of bestselling films. ($39.95 value) 



Creating Powerful Story Outlines: Character Driving Plot (OnDemand Webinar)

Creating Powerful Story Outlines: Character Driving Plot

In this OnDemand Webinar, expert screenwriter and educator Tom Benedek uses strong examples of character driven writing craft from recent films to illustrate best practices in creating a screenplay outline. This webinar will help screenwriters and novelists who are seeking to push the limits of their characters and story elements as well as filmmakers and story creators aiming for human resonance and emotional grounding in their projects. ($39.99 value)


THE DREADED 2nd ACT: How to Tame it (OnDemand Webinar)

THE DREADED 2nd ACT: How to Tame it

Our inspirations begin with great ideas and can take us to amazing conclusions, but our creative juices seldom get turned on by all that cumbersome story development found in the vast, dark, empty regions that lie somewhere between the beginning and the end of a story. However, if you learn to work with the transformational arc you will discover that the 2nd act is not a barren wilderness, but a place of remarkable potential. Learn to tame the 2nd act, and you will forever have a great asset at your command. ($79.99 value)


Logline Master Class (OnDemand Webinar)

Logline Master Class

This OnDemand webinar on loglines with Timothy Cooper, the creator of 365 Loglines, will save you months of wasted time by cutting to the heart of what makes great movies great: awesome conflict, dramatic irony, and a totally original adventure. Create a brand-new pitch that's uniquely thrilling, accessible, and marketable! ($79.99 value) 


Navigating the Inner Journey of a Rewrite (OnDemand Webinar)

Navigating the Inner Journey of a Rewrite

Since rewriting is part of a screenwriter’s job description, whether you’re elevating a spec, doing a page one rewrite, reworking a script based on feedback or coverage, or overhauling to meet a producer’s needs, it’s worth making sure you have all the tools you need at your disposal to make it happen. Learn how to navigate the inner journey of a rewrite so you can move through the process quickly and easily and get your scripts off the shelf and out into the world where they belong. ($79.99 value) 


Dialogue Writing Demystified with Karl Iglesias (OnDemand Webinar)

Dialogue Writing Demystified with Karl Iglesias

Dialogue is key to developing the views, attitudes, and flaws of your characters. It's also important from a marketing point of view; great dialogue means creating fun roles that actors will fight over. In this how-to video, screenwriter and sought-after script doctor Karl Iglesias guides you through effective dialogue from a wide variety of genres. ($29.99 value) 


Track Your Plot at the Scene Level (OnDemand Webinar)

Track Your Plot at the Scene Level

In this OnDemand Webinar, Martha Alderson teaches you the seven essential elements of scene—time and place, character emotional development, goal, dramatic action, conflict, emotional change, and thematic significance. You’ll learn how to maximize each plot element to create powerful scenes at each major turning point in your story. Explore plot from the scene level and see your story in an entirely new light! ($79.99 value)  


Advanced Plot Construction: Developing and Outlining Your Story (OnDemand Webinar)

Advanced Plot Construction: Developing and Outlining Your Story

In this OnDemand webinar, you will learn Jeff Kitchen's three-step approach to outlining your story, which Jeff has been teaching for over twenty years now. His three-step process—Sequence, Proposition, Plot—is so effective at this that development executives at all the major Hollywood studios (to whom he's taught it) consistently say it's the most advanced development tool in the film industry. ($39.99 value) 


What Makes a Great Scene? (OnDemand Webinar)

What Makes a Great Scene?

In this OnDemand webinar, Erik Bork shares the expertise he's gained over the course of his 15-year professional screenwriting career, for projects ranging from cable miniseries to feature screenplays, original pilots, and television episodes on staff. Erik will talk about how to create a compelling and entertaining story from the “macro” level of concept, genre and structure, down to the all-important “micro” level of scene – that basic unit of storytelling of which all scripts are entirely composed – which determines the level and type of emotional impact the audience will experience. ($79.00 value) 


Marketing Your Screenplay (OnDemand Webinar)

Marketing Your Screenplay

You have a great script you've rewritten and polished. Now what? This OnDemand webinar discusses the different strategies to market your script, and yourself as a writer. Instructor Cody Smart covers all the basics, such as loglines, query letters, and how to write a selling synopsis. She also delves into how competitions can help jump-start your career & how to make sure your script is contest ready, how to develop an elevator pitch, and on- and offline networking skills. Learn how to market your script and jump start your writing career! ($49.99 value) 


Decoding Story: Elevate Your Writing Using Script Coverage Techniques (OnDemand Webinar)

Decoding Story: Elevate Your Writing Using Script Coverage Techniques

To make the necessary good first impression, a screenwriter needs to have developed their characters, plot, and visual storytelling style to a professional level. Many writers think they know their story, only to soon realize they lack the perspective to translate the rich, deep and visually engaging cinematic journey they imagined into words. This OnDemand webinar demystifies the principles that professional script readers use to evaluate the inner mechanics of story, character, plot, and visual motif in scripts they cover. ($39.99 value)


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