Secrets Of The Hit Mini-Series (Or Anthology) Show: Historical and Present

Secrets Of The Hit Mini-Series (Or Anthology) Show: Historical and Present

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Do you want to write a FEUD, a TRUE DETECTIVE or ASSASSINATION OF GIANNI VERSACE? Want to create another O.J. SIMPSON story, or a FARGO? This is a hot TV genre, so let Peter Russell, who has sold two TV pilots in 2017, show you the inner secrets. Discover the hidden structure of each episode, the overall 'arc' of the show over ALL episodes, and how to design it, and the powerful tools to create original character (whether you're working from historical models or making it all up!)

If you love anthology shows like AMERICAN CRIME, you'll want to understand how to build the entertainment into this genre of story. Mini-series like VERSACE and FEUD use these tools and more - come see how you can learn from the masters of this genre (like Ryan Murphy) to create your own TV pilots.

Peter Russell is a longtime story teacher at UCLA who sold a mini-series and a serial TV procedural in 2017. He'll show you just how he structured and created the stories that he's just sold, using examples from great mini-series and anthology shows like TRUE DETECTIVE and FEUD, and many more.


  • How to use a device called The Confessional to wow mini series audiences
  • The central dynamic to great cinematic friendships in anthologies
  • What a TV hero MUST do (that movie heroes don't)
  • Creating truly original characters (hint - don't make lists!)
  • Why TRUE DETECTIVE contains the great secret of all mystery thrillers
  • How Ryan Murphy structures his mini-series and how to copy the best!
  • The big secret to the rhythm of your entire season
  • What's in your sales coverage that will sell your mini?


  • Writers who are looking to create hit mini-series
  • Creators who want to adapt their movie idea to TV
  • Producers who have a historical hero and need help shaping their pilot
  • Creators who want to improve their anthology stories
  • Anyone who wants to get finished with their mini series quickly
  • Creators who are 'stuck' in their storylines or characters
  • Writers who have a great 'lightbulb' idea but need a pilot
  • Writers whose stories are getting notes they can't seem to implement
  • Writers looking to move to television story

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