Screenwriter Contracts Decoded

Screenwriter Contracts Decoded

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As a screenwriter, chances are legal jargon isn't your forte. Have you ever felt like you were signing something that you didn't fully understand? It can be intimidating to read through a contract without any idea what it means or what you are agreeing to. This webinar will help you decode the legalese and finally feel empowered rather than confused when presented with a contract.

This OnDemand webinar will provide an overview of common language and terms found in screenwriting contracts. You will also get an overview of the different types of contracts a screenwriter is likely to come across. Don't wait until you have the pen in your clammy palms. When the time comes to sign a contract make sure you are prepared to sign confidently.


  • How you use the information in this webinar to empower yourself
  • Where this legal information cannot apply
  • An overview of the general tenants
  • Types of contracts a screenwriter is likely to see
  • Common screenwriting contract terms and what they mean for you

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