Fall Back Into Writing Bundle

Fall Back Into Writing Bundle

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Ready to dedicate your time and energy to your writing? Get everything you need to help elevate your screenwriting with the Fall Back Into Writing Bundle. When you buy this exclusive bundle, you’ll get:

Creating Dynamic Characters - From Outline to Rewrite (OnDemand Webinar): This OnDemand webinar discusses the techniques to craft dynamic characters to both serve your story and bring it to a new level. You’ll receive a bullet list of items to aid you in creating your characters and their backstory. You’ll learn how to dissect your characters in a way that serves both their evolution and helps you brainstorm plot points and conflicts. The instructor shows you how the process of creating your characters and making them shine starts before you even outline and doesn’t end until the last rewrite. (value $79.00)

The Antagonist's Journey (OnDemand Webinar): A hero can’t rise without an equally strong, complex antagonist to rise against. Depending on your story and genre, your antagonist should be just as compelling as your hero. And to craft a strong antagonist, you have to understand the pathology of why they are evil and why antagonists never see themselves as the bad guy. We will go through the key traits of compelling and complex antagonists you want to explore when crafting your bad guys including their moral code, backstories, motivations, etc., and tangible exercises to make sure your characters stand out. (value $79.99)

The Pocket Screenwriting Guide: 120 Tips for Getting to FADE OUT (Digital Guide): Explore the screenwriting process from outline to final draft with The Pocket Screenwriting Guide. It guides you through classic Hollywood storytelling with 120 concise tips and explains the parts of a screenplay, including acts, sequences, and pivotal moments. (Value: $9.95)

The Power of the Transformational Arc: Making Stories More Emotional, Meaningful and Marketable (OnDemand Webinar): Every writer has a wealth of creative potential, but it can be a daunting if not impossible task to gain access to those interior places where the true power of story is waiting to be unleashed. In this webinar Dara Marks, author of Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc, teaches writers how to create a natural story structure that reflects the authentic nature of the human experience. Her innovative method for structuring story is designed to keep writers focused on the heart and soul of their work so that plot, character, and theme create a unified whole. The interrelationship of these key story elements forms the basis of the transformational arc of character. (value $79.99)

Balls of Steel: The Screenwriter’s Mindset Digital Guide (PDF Download): Becoming a screenwriter is as much about mindset as it is about talent. Being able to write a great screenplay is only half the battle, as Jeanne Veillette Bowerman explains in this nearly 200-page PDF. You have be able to make the time to write against other obligations, understand how to submit your pages, and stay motivated in the face of rejection.

Featuring 46 completely updated articles and never-before-seen content based on her popular “Balls of Steel” blog series on ScriptMag.com (and selected as recommended reading by the Universal Writers Program), you’ll discover informative, yet personal chapters on the Mentality of a Successful Screenwriter, Actions of a Successful Screenwriter, Setting Goals, and When Things Don’t Go Your Way. (value $19.99)

Writing to Theme: Finding the Universal Heart and Soul of Your Story (OnDemand Webinar): If structure is the skeleton of a story, theme is its heart and soul. It’s the reason you wrote your story, assuming you meant to convey a compelling truth about the human condition. It’s what makes your story universal and what raises it above all those that simply entertain. If you aim to craft a story that resonates emotionally with a global audience, join award-winning UCLA Instructor Karl Iglesias as he guides you through theme and how it unifies character and plot.

You’ll learn why a clearly defined theme is the foundation of a great story, how theme is different from premise, motif or subject matter, and how to find it for your story. You’ll explore the most successful and often-used themes in classic and contemporary films, and apply effective approaches to tap into the thematic argument of your story and making sure it remains “invisible” throughout the story. With so many definitions and misunderstandings, this webinar will demystify theme once and for all. (value $79.99)

Writing in Your Personal Voice (OnDemand Webinar): We break down voice into two steps. First, you will learn how to draw from the essence of your story to organically derive surprises and reversals that create an inner consistency and unity in tone and style. When your script is “faithful to itself” and the foundational pillars of concept, theme, character, and location, it will have a unified voice. This won’t necessarily lead to your personal voice or deep personal expression but it will create a unique story. This OnDemand Webinar delivers concrete tools and principles to use to develop your personal voice as a storyteller. (value $79.99)

Write Now: Proven Approaches for Conquering Procrastination, Self-Doubt, Fear and Perfectionism (OnDemand Webinar): Almost all writers fight a battle against the blank page. One of the main differences that separates successful writers from amateurs is knowing how to win this fight. It’s not just about forcing yourself to write, but knowing how to write to the best of your abilities, free of the internal censor and other creative blocks. Over the past ten years I’ve had the honor of working closely with many successful writers and seen the specific tools and strategies they use to overcome resistance and sit down every day to produce professional-level work. While a few of these techniques are found in books and seminars, most are not.

This OnDemand Webinar will teach proven approaches for conquering self-doubt, procrastination, fear, anxiety, self-sabotage and perfectionism. It is designed for writers who don’t want yet another pep talk, but actual tools and techniques to make writing easier, more productive and impactful to the reader. Because writing doesn’t have to be such a struggle. You are actually allowed to enjoy it. (value $79.99)

Writing Great Description: How to Mesmerize Your Reader (OnDemand Webinar): A screenplay should be as exciting to read as the movie will be to view, and this requires writing designed to involve the reader. In this webinar, you will learn the essential tools to take description in your screenplays to the next level. Expanding on the essential element of all successful scripts, the reader’s emotional experience, UCLA instructor Karl Iglesias will discuss the basics of emotionally evocative writing and how to avoid the most common narrative flaws. (value $79.99)

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