Don't Write a Script That Sucks: Avoid the Top 25 Mistakes Readers Hate

Don't Write a Script That Sucks: Avoid the Top 25 Mistakes Readers Hate

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Screenplay readers are the gatekeepers.

They're the assistants who read the thousands of scripts that land on the desks of producers, directors, actors, production companies, studios, agents, and managers. And their opinion can be the difference between getting your script read by the top decision-makers, or getting it tossed into the recycle bin.

How can you get your script to stand out in their world? How can you create something they stay up all night reading — that they can't put down, that they recommend to their higher-ups?

The short answer: Take this webinar.

Timothy Cooper has been a reader and script consultant for production companies and producers. He has figured out how to use the lessons he's learned to get past the readers, and has whittled down the hundreds of issues and pet peeves he noticed over the years into the top 25 mistakes you need to avoid.

In this OnDemand webinar, Timothy will give you tips, tricks, and solutions to overcome the simple errors that even experienced writers can make. You'll focus on building a powerful initial story, developing an original plot, and creating outstanding dialogue, unique hooks, and memorable characters. He will divulge many of the secrets that top screenwriters know and use every day that they write.

Whether your script has been sitting on a shelf, hasn't gotten the traction you were hoping for, or hasn't even gotten started, this course will help your voice, story, and characters truly shine through. You'll finally have the tools you need to ensure that your script not only gets read but also gets passed upstream—to the people who make dream careers come true.


  • Build a powerful hook that makes your script go viral
  • Construct a ticking clock that creates urgency
  • Write an opening scene that shocks and snares the reader
  • Create rich characters readers remember and care about—both antagonists and protagonists
  • Construct a world that's original but clear, especially in the fantasy and sci-fi genres
  • Write unexpected, page-turning dialogue, no matter what the genre
  • Raise the stakes to create compelling action sequences
  • Find resources that help you stay on top of trends and avoid clichés
  • Make your reader stay up late to finish your script


  • Filmmakers hoping to snag their first agent or manager
  • New writers looking for a fresh perspective on a story they've been thinking about for ages
  • More experienced writers who know their script isn't breaking through, but aren't sure why
  • Those looking to punch up an existing screenplay, or solve problems before they crop up while developing a new story from scratch
  • Writers who want original techniques to make their script stand out from the crowd
  • Anyone who's eager to make their characters, dialogue, action, and storytelling stronger
  • Screenwriters looking to make their first-ever script sale!

Timothy Michael Cooper is an award-winning writer and director based in Brooklyn. A former journalist, restaurant critic, and playwright, his focus is on finding life’s underdogs and giving them a voice. He is a proud member of the Writers Guild of America East, the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Writers' Workshop, the Hollywood Radio and Television Society, and the WGAE Softball Team. Timothy is currently developing multiple pilots, features, podcasts, and video games with a variety of production companies.

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