Critical Tools to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

Critical Tools to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

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Writing a fantastic script will only get you so far. Writing a script that the reader and ultimately audience feels an emotional connection to is what creates memorable and award-winning TV and films. This carefully curated bundle of 10 digital products will give you the tools to engage with audiences, raise the emotional stakes of your plot, create memorable, relatable characters, set up emotional conflict, how to write from personal experience and pain, and much, much more. If you want your writing to emotionally resonate for both you and the audience, this is the bundle for you! 

Create An Emotional Connection Through Characters and Story (OnDemand Webinar) The one difference between a great movie and a mediocre one is the amount of emotion an audience feels towards the characters and story. This OnDemand webinar will deconstruct the ways great screenwriters are able to connect an audience to their characters and their story lines. You will understand how to raise the emotional stakes of your plot and learn the practical tools to instantly get the audience to root for your protagonist and deepen the character relationships in your story. Glenn M. Benest is an award-winning screenwriter/producer with three feature films and four television movies to his credit. ($79.99 value)

Creating Compelling Emotional Conflict (OnDemand Webinar) Many screenwriters focus on the rising conflict of the plot while foregoing the emotional stakes of their characters. Building the emotional conflicts of central characters is what moves an audience and creates films that are truly memorable and commercially successful.  In this OnDemand webinar, you will learn practical tools to make an audience connect with your characters on a deep, primal level. Glenn M. Benest is an award-winning screenwriter/producer with three feature films and four television movies to his credit. ($79.99 value)

Connecting with Characters (OnDemand Video) You can’t have a great plot without having amazing characters. Strong character development will evoke emotions in your audience whether you’re writing a comedy, drama, or any other genre. To create great characters, you need your audience to connect in some way. Even if you love your characters, there is no guarantee your reader will connect with them. Karl Iglesias is a screenwriter and sought-after script doctor and consultant, specializing in the reader's emotional response to the written page. ($29.99 value)

Writing Strong Crisis and Climax Scenes: The Two Keys to Screenplays That Connect with Audiences (and Hollywood) (OnDemand Webinar) What is about the two major plot turning points in a story? Is the confusion about the two most important scenes simply because crisis and climax begin with the same letter? More likely the problem lies in not understanding the sequence involved in twisting the dramatic action at key points in a story and deepening the ultimate character emotional transformation. Whatever the reason, writers confuse the two scenes. That confusion translates in the reader as a dramatic action pacing problem, an inconsistent character growth, a letdown. Martha Alderson works with writers from all over the world. She’ll show you how classic and contemporary writers use emotion to generate energy at the crisis differently than what is needed at the climax. ($79.99 value)

Outlining Your Movie: Internal vs. External Goals (OnDemand Tutorial) Before you devote countless hours to writing your next screenplay, take time to test and develop the concept to save time in the long run! This tutorial shows screenwriters techniques to use when outlining stories that are character-centric and will drive readers to keep going until the last page. In the presentation, Timothy Cooper, expert writer and story consultant, discusses how to develop and test solid screenplay concepts. Build a screenplay based on emotional connections to characters by uniting the internal and external goals of your protagonist! ($79.99 value)

Create Authentic Characters Using Your Personal Experiences (OnDemand Webinar) If you aren’t drawing on your personal struggles, pain and desires, your screenplays will never have the emotional resonance of a great story. By tapping into your core wounds you’ll uncover your unconscious themes and dramas. Then you can fuse your characters with something real. Readers and producers will feel it. And you’ll be a big step closer to inking a deal. Through exercises, personal stories, a guided mediation and worksheets, you’ll get the bigger picture of how to connect with your core wounds in this 90-minute OnDemand webinar. From there, we’ll look at strategies on how to fuse these themes into your characters to make them live and breathe in huge ways. Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission—to inspire screenwriters, artists, filmmakers, musicians and every other creative human to amp up their creativity, heal their hearts and shine in the world. ($79.99 value)

Constructing Powerful Story in TV & Film (OnDemand Webinar) Creating a strong story is your calling card as a writer. In this OnDemand webinar, Jen Grisanti will share with you some of the key tools that will make your TV pilots, specs and features scripts stand out through the building of the act break and the links that you provide in your story. Jen Grisanti will share her strategy about how you can write act breaks that will make your story memorable and help you to tell it in the strongest way possible so that you increase your chances of a sale and getting staffed. It all comes down to your understanding of how to build your script. There is a strategy to this. Jen Grisanti will share her secrets on what makes a story strong from the point of view of a studio executive. Follow her tips and advice and it could lead you to get hired! ($79.99 value)

Mastering the Essential Story Emotions: How to Seduce the Reader (OnDemand Webinar) Join award-winning UCLA instructor Karl Iglesias in this OnDemand webinar as he explores the psychology of the reader, and demystifies once and for all what it means to tell a story well. Going beyond the basics, he’ll show you how to seduce your readers, force them to turn the pages to see what happens next, interest them so intensely that they are “taken out of themselves” into the world you’ve created. The ideal is to make them forget they’re actually reading words on a page. You’ll be challenged to view your script not as a 110-page blueprint for a film or TV show, but as the promise of an intense and satisfying emotional experience. ($79.99 value)

Writing Great Scenes (OnDemand Webinar) Too many writers think that a scene is just two people talking or arguing. Or they use the scene as an opportunity to advance the plot, reveal character, or simply make an impact through set-pieces. While there’s some validity to that, most amateur scenes tend to fall flat and disengage the reader, who ultimately tosses the script in the recycling bin. Writing great scenes requires talent, skill, know-how and practice. While the first two can’t be taught, you can learn what makes a great scene, recognize when a scene doesn’t work and why, and apply practical techniques as you craft dramatic scenes and increase your chances of writing a compelling script. ($79.99 value)

Writing the Character-Driven Screenplay: Alexander Payne Style (OnDemand Webinar) As we work on a script project, we may know what the movie is about, what some of the plot movements ought to be, but not know all we need to about our characters.  Understanding our characters in relation to the story is crucial. If we ignore who the story is happening to, the emotional logic of the script will, of course, suffer. The constant question we face as screenwriters is: How do we build our characters so their relationship to the story is inevitable? Alexander Payne has co-written, adapted and directed some of the finest films of the last ten years, including The Descendants, Sideways, About Schmidt and Election. His movies offer great roles for actors because they are essentially character-driven. ($79.99 value)


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