Selling Your Screenplay Premium Collection 2023

Selling Your Screenplay Premium Collection 2023

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Congratulations, you did it! You wrote a screenplay. You've poured your heart and soul into it, did rewrite after rewrite, and it is ready! But now what? How do you get it into the right hands? What are the next steps? The next steps are crucial ones in getting your script made into a movie or TV show.

The Writers Store has carefully curated a bundle of 10 products with everything you need to know to get your screenplay sold! These digital downloads will help you understand contracts, craft a longline, build a look book, representation, and more!

Selling Your Screenplay to Hollywood (OnDemand Webinar) In this webinar, Steve Longi will take you step-by-step through the process of evaluating and then marketing your screenplay to Hollywood. This presentation outlines the steps starting from, how to decide what to write, getting the attention of producers and executives, crafting an effective log-line that gets people wanting to read your project, and will also show you how to follow up and establish relationships in the industry that you can use to set-up future projects. ($79.99 value)

Sell Your Script Safely: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property (OnDemand Webinar) This OnDemand webinar spells out in simple terms how to use and protect content found in the public domain, true stories, TV specials, and movie remakes; even public domain comic book superheroes you can base new, copyrightable work on. You’ll learn how to option books and graphic novels for either little or no money upfront, to adapt into a marketable spec script. We’ll even discuss how to resurrect a beloved old trademark that everyone is familiar with in order to rebrand it into an exciting new property. Each strategy will come with real-time examples of success, like cover the pitfalls every writer needs to avoid. ($39.99 value)

The Essential Elements that Make a Screenplay Sell (OnDemand Webinar) In this OnDemand webinar, Susan Kouguell, will offer specific strategies for strengthening each element of your script – from genre to dialogue, character and plot development, action paragraphs and visual storytelling, scene pacing, and solid structure, your questions will be answered. Advice will also cover, understanding both the film executive’s and audience’s expectations without compromising your creativity and vision. ($39.99 value)

Writing the Spec Screenplay (OnDemand Video) In this how-to video, story consultant Anthony Grieco helps writers first determine their theme and then tell their story with a distinct voice.  By examining each Act separately, Grieco showcases how you can walk your characters through the four quadrants of your story and create a story arc easily understood by the audience.  ($29.99 value)

Art of The Sale: How to Build a Look Book That Will Sell Your Script (OnDemand Webinar) Jon James Miller has written several award-winning screenplays and assisted dozens of screenwriters in perfecting their scripts for sale on the market. He has also been a professional reader for studio executives and written coverage for hundreds of original spec screenplays. He knows the most important element in any script is having a unique visual hook, and he will show you how to showcase your writing talent with a great Look Book that will capture the imagination of Hollywood. ($79.99 value)

Spec Market 101: How to Sell Your Script (OnDemand Webinar) The spec screenplay market is constantly evolving. As a screenwriter, it pays to be aware of how the sale process works, who the most active buyers are, and what types of projects are selling today. We'll go over a couple of these case studies, and provide an overview of how spec sales happen, who the top-selling managers and agents are, and who's buying up all the material. We'll also discuss what a "salable" spec project looks like (versus just a good writing sample), and how your "brand" as a writer should play into your early career. ($39.99 value)

Legal 411: How to Secure Literary Representation and Shop Your Screenplay Until You Do (Audio Recording) There is a right and wrong way to pitch a script and shop your screenplay, be it to agents, managers or producers.  Avoid the pitfalls that will expose you to idea theft, close doors before they are even open, and lock you into ineffective representation for a period of years. Work smart and know the dos and don’ts of pitching, selling your screenplay, and finding an agent. ($9.99 value)

Crafting Loglines That Sell (OnDemand Video) This how-to video presented by Daniel Manus will show you the necessary tools to craft loglines that will sell your screenplay. A logline is your whole story boiled down to its most sellable and describable core while still making it feel totally original. It presents the dramatic narrative of the story but without major details, intricacies, plot twists or subplots. Your logline is the first (and sometimes only) thing an exec is going to read of your work, so it needs to grab his or her attention, tell them something of substance, make them curious to read more, and make it clear that there is a real story there. ($29.99 value) 

Screenwriter Contracts Decoded (OnDemand Webinar) This webinar will provide an overview of common language and terms found in screenwriting contracts. You will also get an overview of the different types of contracts a screenwriter is likely to come across. Don't wait until you have the pen in your clammy palms. When the time comes to sign a contract make sure you are prepared to sign confidently. ($39.99 value)

Writing High Concept Screenplays That Sell (OnDemand Webinar) In this OnDemand webinar, you will learn exactly what these screenplays are and what they aren’t. You’ll also learn what the studio expects from your script if they are going to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in it. Executing these movies takes craft, savvy, and know-how. Know the essentials for creating a high concept script from the start. Be on your way to writing a sellable script and, hopefully, a profitable sale! ($39.99 value)

Marketing Your Screenplay (OnDemand Webinar) You have a great script you've rewritten and polished. Now what? This OnDemand webinar discusses the different strategies to market your script, and yourself as a writer. Instructor Cody Smart covers all the basics, such as loglines, query letters, and how to write a selling synopsis. She also delves into how competitions can help jump-start your career & how to make sure your script is contest ready, how to develop an elevator pitch, and on- and offline networking skills. Learn how to market your script and jump start your writing career! ($49.99 value)

Loglines: How to Sell Your Script in One Sentence (OnDemand Webinar) Loglines are more art than science. Great loglines create a question in the reader’s mind that can only be answered by reading the script it defines. If successful, a logline will stick in a reader’s mind and motivate them to read and become a champion of your work. Whether a character piece, a genre-busting drama, or a dark comedy – a successful logline will entice a reader to take a chance and believe in your vision. This OnDemand webinar demystifies the process of creating an exciting and utterly irresistible logline. Both successful and unsuccessful loglines will be deconstructed to illustrate the working parts, hierarchy, and transformative elements necessary to grab hold of your reader’s attention, no matter what the genre, budget or medium. ($39.99 value)

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