Screenplay Development From The Inside Out

Screenplay Development From The Inside Out

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Screenplay Development From The Inside Out with Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis.

Sending in your script for the first time can be very nerve racking. Many go into it without the knowledge of what happens next. This overview will help you understand the process of what happens to your project when it leaves your hands and is submitted into the studio system. It's important to keep up with the business side to your writing. Stay informed so you can work well with others and sell your script.

You'll learn to navigate through these steps of story development:

  • Writing query letters
  • Importance of a logline
  • Submitting material to agents, producers and executive
  • The story development
  • Writing coverage
  • Creative executives
  • Development, production and turnaround

If you're confident about your script, but don't know the business of selling your writing well, you run the risk of falling behind. Stay involved with the story development and production process. Download this video today and get ready to sell your script!

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