Writing the Sci-Fi Screenplay

Writing the Sci-Fi Screenplay

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Are you writing or have you always wanted to write a Sci-Fi screenplay that is out of this world?! If so, you’ve come to the write place. When writing the Sci-Fi script audiences are looking for entertaining stories with interesting, developed characters that take them out of this world and into another even for a short time. The Writer’s Store staff created this bundle of ten products to help Sci-Fi writers take their script to the next level and get it sold. You’ll learn world-building tactics, how to create tension and conflict to keep your audience on the edge of their seat, rules on plotting and structure to keep your story moving with examples from blockbuster films and franchises like Star Trek, Mad Max, the Marvel Universe and more! 

Write Sci-Fi Film & Television Scripts That Sell (OnDemand Webinar) This webinar will provide you with the practical knowledge necessary to successfully deliver the essential elements expected in the science-fiction-fantasy genre. As an experienced writer, producer, director, and teacher, Steve Duncan will help you meet the expectations of people who represent, buy, or option science-fiction screenplays and television scripts. You’ll learn that you must deliver both the expected elements of the genre as well as the unexpected -- the mysterious essentials of creativity and uniqueness. From his own experience, Steve knows you can’t break the rules until you know them. Attend this webinar and you’ll come away with new tools that will allow your creative talent to blossom and shine through in your sci-fi writing. (39.99 value)

Developing the High-Concept Screenplay (OnDemand Webinar) This webinar will cover the craft elements necessary to create a compelling, fast paced narrative screenplay structure for a high-concept script. Topics will include the necessary A- and B-story structure that will keep the reader invested in the outcome. This webinar will demystify the process of writing a high-concept script that avoids tropes and clichés while providing a satisfying, climactic ending that fulfills the promise of your high-concept. Jon James Miller. ($39.99 value)

Unlock James Cameron's Blockbuster Formula (OnDemand Webinar) Whatever genre you're working in, analyzing Cameron's work unearths universal rules that all writers can benefit from. We'll learn how to craft a narrative that puts unique characters into extraordinary, tension-packed situations. You'll soon tap into Cameron's unparalleled sense of creativity and wonder to bring your own script to the next level. Timothy Cooper. ($39.99 value)

Screenwriting Marvel-Style: How to Apply the Rules of the Most Successful Films in the World to Any Script (OnDemand Webinar) In this webinar, you will learn ten simple rules. But these Marvel Rules aren’t just for super-heroes – they can help guide any script in any genre to reach its maximum potential. You’ll see the problems they were created to solve, and you’ll see how those solutions turned script troubles into triumph. And you’ll discover how to use these rules to develop – or rescue – your own script. William Rabkin ($39.99 value)

Write Appealing Dystopia: Build a Frighteningly Realistic World (OnDemand Webinar) This 90-minute webinar will examine the creation of the dystopian worlds that command our attention, from The Handmaid’s Tale’s Gilead to The Hunger Games’ Panem to Children of Men’s dying England and Mad Max’s outback wasteland. And it will look at failed dystopias to find out why audiences rejected them. What are the elements that make even the craziest of these societies ring true? What makes audiences want to immerse themselves in their misery? And what are the mistakes that make a dystopian world look silly instead of scary? William Rabkin ($39.99 value)

How to Create Characters that Engage Your Audience (OnDemand Webinar) This webinar teaches the specific tools and exercises these writers use to create fascinating, believable characters that can captivate readers. The webinar also shares a variety of writing processes professional writers use to explore, develop and refine their characters. They are the same tools and techniques Corey Mandell teaches in his UCLA classes, private workshops, and script coaching services. ($39.99 value)

Plotting Your Way to a Compelling Screenplay (OnDemand Webinar) Screenwriting structure can be daunting to the best of writers if the elements are not properly understood.  In fact, screenwriting has more structure than any other form of creative writing, with the exception of certain styles of poetry.  While each element is vital to the art of screenwriting, plot is probably the most misunderstood of all. It is not story. Carla Iacovetti ($39.99 value)

Writing Great Scenes (OnDemand Webinar) oo many writers think that a scene is just two people talking or arguing. Or they use the scene as an opportunity to advance the plot, reveal character, or simply make an impact through set-pieces. While there’s some validity to that, most amateur scenes tend to fall flat and disengage the reader, who ultimately tosses the script in the recycling bin. Writing great scenes requires talent, skill, know-how and practice. While the first two can’t be taught, you can learn what makes a great scene, recognize when a scene doesn’t work and why, and apply practical techniques as you craft dramatic scenes and increase your chances of writing a compelling script. Karl Iglesias. ($39.99 value)

Story Mapping the Summer Blockbuster! (OnDemand Webinar) This OnDemand webinar will focus on the storytelling methods employed by the biggest summer blockbusters. Learn the structural secrets of several recent franchises like The Avengers, Iron Man, Star Trek, The Hunger Games, The Dark Knight, and The Hobbit; how they employ conventional structure and how they break the rules. Story Analyst, Daniel Calvisi, will introduce you to the story structure and principles used in most commercial movies, including most of the summer blockbusters that you have seen and will see this season. ($39.99 value)

Amp Up the Stakes: Create a Ticking Clock (OnDemand Video) Urgency, tension and conflict are all essential ingredients in a script that will keep readers up all night, but it can be difficult to be sure that your script has those elements turned up in their script. The easiest way to ensure that you never fall into the trap of writing a boring script: create a ticking clock or a ticking time bomb. The most memorable scripts are those that include a time-dependent crisis. Timothy Cooper will guide you through creating the ticking clock in your own story and show you how you can dial up the urgency and tension by making small changes to your script. Timothy Cooper. ($39.99 value)

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