Writing Mysteries & Thrillers That Sell Bundle

Writing Mysteries & Thrillers That Sell Bundle

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This bundle has been carefully curated to include everything you need to write mysteries and thrillers. Whether you're writing for film or TV, we've got you covered. Learn how to add suspense to your screenplay, learn more about the genres, and master adding the perfect twist at the end of your work to keep your viewers wanting more!

This bundle includes:

Master the Mystery Genre (OnDemand Webinar): In order to effectively write films for today’s viewers, screenwriters must master the history of their genre. After learning these skills and applying them to their work, screenwriters will have an advantage over their competition by understanding where and how their genre has emerged. Screenwriters armed with that information will then pitch fresh, new genuine concepts within the media landscape that is muddied with copycat material. (value: $79.99)

Adding Suspense to Your Screenplays (OnDemand Webinar): Whether you’re writing a drama, thriller, action, horror, or even a romantic comedy, suspense is a key element to keep your audience engaged. In this webinar, Christine Conradt offers specific techniques for adding suspense to your screenplay or novel through word choice, pacing, and misdirection. She shows you to build cliff-hangers into your story and how to create seemingly unsolvable dilemmas for your characters. (value: $79.99)

Finding Your Voice - The VATTS Approach (OnDemand Tutorial): Trusting your inner voice can be a trying endeavor in the movie industry. After all, you want your script to sell, right? The irony is that the best way to sell a script is to let go of your struggle to write a blockbuster and just simply tell your truth. In this how-to video, Anthony Grieco draws from personal examples to show why finding your voice is the key to getting the attention of agents, manager, actors and producers. (value: $29.99)

The Pocket Screenwriting Guide: 120 Tips for Getting to FADE OUT Digital Guide (Digital Guide): Explore the screenwriting process from outline to final draft with The Pocket Screenwriting Guide. It guides you through classic Hollywood storytelling with 120 concise tips and explains the parts of a screenplay, including acts, sequences, and pivotal moments. This handy little guide serves as the culmination of our many years in the Industry. In it you’ll find 120 tips on plot, structure, character and mythology that give you a constant point of reference while you write. (value: $9.99)

Write TV and Feature Thrillers that Sell (OnDemand Webinar): As an experienced writer, producer, director and teacher, Steve Duncan will help you meet the expectations of people who represent, buy or option thriller screenplays and television scripts. You’ll learn to recognize that you must deliver both the expected elements of the genre as well as the unexpected: the mysterious essentials of creativity and uniqueness, which is your talent.  From experience, Steve knows you can’t break the rules until you know them. This webinar will provide you the practical knowledge and tools that allows your creative talent to blossom and shine through in your thriller writing. (value: $79.99)

The Art of Writing the Twist Ending (OnDemand Webinar): So how do you write a killer twist ending that will sell your screenplay and dazzle audiences around the world? Join Hollywood screenwriter and bestselling author, Mylo Carbia, as she analyzes the architecture of a great twist ending and shares her unique methodology for writing surprise endings that sell. During these 90 minutes, you will learn what types of scripts Hollywood agents and producers are looking for, how to mine fresh ideas from current events, how to morph old concepts into new scenarios, and how to implement Mylo's unique formula for layering “in your face” clues throughout the story, designed to completely outsmart suspense lovers across the globe. (value: $79.99

Amp Up the Stakes: Create a Ticking Clock (OnDemand Tutorial): Urgency, tension and conflict are all essential ingredients in a script that will keep readers up all night, but it can be difficult to be sure that your script has those elements turned up in their script. The easiest way to ensure that you never fall into the trap of writing a boring script: create a ticking clock or a ticking time bomb. The most memorable scripts are those that include a time dependent crisis. Timothy Cooper will guide you through creating the ticking clock in your own story and show you how you can dial up the urgency and tension by making small changes to your script. It’s possible that your script is just a few tweaks away from being the game changing script that will grab and hold your readers. (value: $39.99)

Respecting the Antagonist (OnDemand Tutorial): The Antagonist is arguably the most misunderstood and underdeveloped character in the screenwriting process. This how-to video presented by Bill Boyle will offer a deeper understanding of the aspects and purpose of the antagonist and what this character can accomplish for you. (value: $29.99)

Developing the High-Concept Screenplay (OnDemand Webinar): This webinar covers the craft elements necessary to create a compelling, fast paced narrative screenplay structure for a high-concept script. Topics will include the necessary A- and B-story structure that will keep the reader invested in the outcome. This webinar will demystify the process of writing a high-concept script that avoids tropes and clichés while providing a satisfying, climactic ending that fulfills the promise of your high-concept. (value: $79.99)

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