Write a Gripping Crime Script

Write a Gripping Crime Script

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Authentic, real stories sell. When it comes to crime you need to do your research and get it right. This bundle of seven products will help you write the next crime drama, mystery, procedural, or true crime script. You’ll learn the foundational principles of writing crime, how to authenticate your forensics while keeping it entertaining, how to take true, dramatic stories and make them your own, how to set a crime scene, and more! This bundle is for anyone who wants to write a compelling, accurate crime script or even add a crime scene into another genre of work. Act now, it won’t be available for long! 

Crime Writing From the Trenches of Hollywood (OnDemand Webinar) This OnDemand webinar offers professional tips, advice, and practices for penning your most compelling crime story to date—for page or screen. Gain foundational principles of crime and mystery writing that will help you ramp up the emotional grab, intrigue, suspense, and thrill of your next project – whether short story, novel, film, TV, or other media platform! Jennifer Graeser Dornbush is a screenwriter, author, international speaker, and forensic specialist. Raised as the daughter of a medical examiner whose office was in their home, forensics is infused into her DNA. ($39.99 value)

Crime Scene 101: Death to Dust (OnDemand Video) Dive into crime scene and death investigation and learn the details that only people in forensics and criminal justice know. In this how-to video, Professor Ron Armstrong, writer, script consultant and founder of Crime Scene 101: Hollywood’s Premiere Source for Forensic Education, will help you understand the underlying forensic principles that surround criminal investigations. You’ll be prepared to write a script with forensic fluency that is compelling and accurate. ($29.99 value)

Find, Develop, and Write a Gripping CRIME Script (OnDemand Webinar) What do you look for in a gripping crime story? Where do you look for information? Do you need to get life story rights? What about true crime stories and fictionalize elements of these true stories? Do some topics sell better than others? Discover answers to these questions (and many more!) and learn how to develop crime stories into scripts and treatments (and books and articles!). In this how-to webinar, veteran true crime author and film professor Fred Rosen will show you how to take these true, dramatic stories and imprint your own personal take on them. ($39.99 value)

Forensic Fundamentals and New Trends: How To Write Authentic Crime Stories (OnDemand Webinar) Writers who want to incorporate authentic investigative elements often find it daunting to know where to start and struggle to sound authentic and natural when writing forensics into a script. Jennifer Graeser Dornbush will take you through a mini-forensic science program, much like the one she went through herself and that birthed her book, Forensic Speak. You’ll gain a thorough overview of the forensic field and discover the best resources out there. As you discover forensic shortcuts, you’ll shorten your research hours and gain more writing time! Most importantly, you will acquire ways to authenticate your work while keeping the entertainment value front and center. ($39.99 value)

Secondary Characters: Techniques for Writing Unforgettable Supporting Characters (OnDemand Webinar) LA based story editor and script consultant, Ruth Atkinson, will use examples of secondary characters from films to illustrate the five archetypes and the corresponding elements needed to craft the kind of unique, three dimensional characters that elevate your story and feel anything but minor. ($39.99 value)

The Antagonist's Journey (OnDemand Webinar) Evil is much more than an attitude, however. It’s a pathology. Using examples from Hollywood’s greatest antagonist roles including Misery, Silence of the Lambs and Nightmare on Elm Street, we will go over; the common pathologies and psychology of villains; examine popular villain archetypes and how to elevate them; the difference between antagonists and anti-heroes; and we will go through the Antagonist’s Journey structural beat sheet to help develop your stories and look at your script from a wickedly new point of view. Instructor: Danny Manus. ($39.99 value)

Writing The Fabulous (& Fashionable) TV Crime Serial (OnDemand Webinar) IP and cable markets are exploding and their appetite for crime serial drama is growing. Learn how to take elements from traditional movies (character arcs, wounds, emotional change) and build it into your crime serial. Whether you're making the move from network procedural to 'anthology' series, or want to create a mini-series (both are fashionable), Peter Russell can show you how to shape your story. ($39.99 value)

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