Sell Your Script Safely: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Sell Your Script Safely: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

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Today, there are more film and television productions taking place every day than ever before. And every studio executive, director, A-List actor, and literary agent is on the hunt for fresh, original content. It’s up to you the writer to attract them, and there’s no better way than bringing them material already suitable for the screen. But with the competition breathing down your neck, and everyone looking for the next big story - how do you stay attached to your intellectual property long enough to sell it? And more importantly, how do you control the rights to your IP long enough to get a sale and maybe even a screen credit?

This OnDemand webinar spells out in simple terms how to use and protect content found in the public domain, true stories, TV specials, and movie remakes; even public domain comic book superheroes you can base new, copyrightable work on. You’ll learn how to option books and graphic novels for either little or no money upfront, to adapt into a marketable spec script. We’ll even discuss how to resurrect a beloved old trademark that everyone is familiar with in order to rebrand it into an exciting new property. Each strategy will come with real-time examples of success, like cover the pitfalls every writer needs to avoid.

Jon James Miller has written several award-winning screenplays and assisted dozens of screenwriters in perfecting and protecting their intellectual property for sale. He has also been a professional reader for studio executives, and written coverage for hundreds of original spec screenplays. He knows the most important element in any sale is the writer securing the underlying rights to their property first. Jon will explain the “business” end of show business so writers understand how their creative voice is the most valuable property they own, and how to protect their personal brand for a successful Hollywood career.


  • How to protect your intellectual property before marketing your script
  • How to find, option, and sell material to Hollywood
  • How to ensure that you stay attached to your intellectual property once it’s bought


  • Writers who want to jumpstart their career with fresh and original intellectual property
  • Writers who want to know how to protect their ideas from being stolen
  • Writers who want to understand copyright, trademark, and fair use terminology
  • Writers who want to secure intellectual property and then adapt if for the screen
  • Writers looking to present themselves as a professional to the Hollywood industry

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