Art of The Sale: How to Build a Look Book That Will Sell Your Script

Art of The Sale: How to Build a Look Book That Will Sell Your Script

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Whether small independent or big-budget blockbuster, a Look Book conveys the "look and feel" of your project more than any script page ever could. This OnDemand webinar will deconstruct how to build a compelling Look Book for your original screenplay with numerous examples taken from successful film projects. It will also provide tips of the trade to make the most of these visual aids while pitching your project and get your audience excited to read your work from the very beginning.

Most important, creating a successful Look Book prepares you for getting your ideas out into the real world. A close-relative to the picture book, a successful Look Book provides the visual motifs of your script that hook the reader and will compel them to read your 90-plus page script. This visual shorthand will also set the stage for pitching your project to an industry audience that is inundated with spec scripts on a daily basis and entice their interest with imagery that will stick in their head - so much so that it will put your screenplay at the very top of their slush pile.

Jon James Miller has written several award-winning screenplays and assisted dozens of screenwriters in perfecting their scripts for sale on the market. He has also been a professional reader for studio executives and written coverage for hundreds of original spec screenplays. He knows the most important element in any script is having a unique visual hook, and he will show you how to showcase your writing talent with a great Look Book that will capture the imagination of Hollywood.


  • How to structure an irresistible Look Book to highlight your writing
  • How to create imagery with a fresh and original visual hook based on your script
  • How to organize and showcase your screenplay with a compelling visual shorthand

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