Writing Critique and Coaching Testimonials

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Here are some testimonials from our fans that have used the Development Notes service and/or Story Coaching service through The Writers Store:

Writing Critique Testimonials

"Thank you, the Reader/Writer is still by far one of the best analysts I have worked with, she/he is stellar! Great, enlightening coverage." - Kim

"So glad to have received a Double Recommend! I did three rounds of coverage to get there. The notes were absolutely invaluable. They were detailed, supportive, excellent suggestions and direction. I am thrilled to have gone through this process. I feel it vastly improved the screenplay. I’ve actually incorporated the latest round of notes into a “final” draft and I am ready to seek a manager." - Maury

"I really appreciate the thought that went into these notes. Thanks! Now I have a better idea regarding specific points to address when revising." - Jenny

"Again the feedback is awesome and very helpful. I knew that the script has problems. The coverage will totally help me to decide in which direction to take it. Thanks again." - Bettina

"The notes are very well written and will be very useful as I rewrite my script. Thank you very much!" - Eric

"Just wanted to thank you and The Writers Store staff for this coverage. This was my first screenplay, and I simply wanted to get some professional feedback, as well as exposure to how industry coverage looks. The notes show the reviewer(s) really analyzed the screenplay, understood its tone (probably better than I did), and had some great ideas for improvement. Incredibly helpful. Thanks so much!" - Mike

"Once again, these notes are invaluable. So glad I received a Recommend on the writer and a Consider on the script. I’m going to digest the notes and take another pass at the script. Then, I’ll re-submit in hopes of getting a double Recommend. Please thank the reader. The notes are terrific and extremely helpful." - Maury

"As always, the notes are excellent and you have once again proven why you guys are at the pinnacle of the coverage services out there — and it is becoming an increasingly and distressingly crowded field. Please let the reader know how much I appreciated not just the kind words and positive response, but also the respect they showed for the writing and the REALLY smart notes. There weren’t a lot, but the ones they had were excellent and I’ve already worked them into the script. I also really appreciated the fast turnaround. I met with a manager last week and she’s asked to read the pilot — I put her off so I could get the feedback. And I’m glad I did. It definitely gives me a lot more confidence in sending her the script." - Bob

"The notes were very helpful and gave me direction to take my script. The attention to detail was spot on and the ideas were very helpful." - Steve

"I absolutely love your service. I'll be using it repeatedly." - Rick

"Thanks for sending on the notes for my project. The notes were concise, helpful and business oriented, which I appreciated. I have very useful information now to keep moving forward with my project." - John

"Receiving a “Recommend” rating from The Writers Store for our screenplay has laid a strong foundation for our career. Whenever we tell a producer or agent about the rating, their attitude changes almost instantly and they become much more receptive to our project. Beyond that, the report and service itself is far beyond anything we have received elsewhere. We won’t even consider going anywhere else." - Dave Merlino and Dustin Sweet, Writers of The Lucky Ones

“The coverage specialists at the Writers Store really know their stuff. Not only are they fluent in genre and structure, but they take great care to analyze your material from every angle. The Development Notes my writing partners and I received on our horror/comedy script were a gold mine... money well spent.” - James

“Again, thanks for everything you've done for me. I've already started editing one of my earlier scripts and I just feel like my skills went way up throughout this experience.“ - Tommy

“I just wanted to thank you again for another review and more great feedback! I have always thought that the fastest way to learn how to do something is to do it - and that is certainly the case here. It is totally apparent that this is my first attempt at writing a script, and I am very happy to get a PASS on both of the reviews, simply because the information that I get is greatly beneficial for this learning process. I actually get EXCITED to learn from all of these mistakes and how to fix them! I love it! This is a great experience for me and I thank you very much for the education!” – Laura

“[The notes] are absolutely amazing and encouraging. I am surprised how deep enough the analysts think. When I was in the development stages of my screenplay I was confused as to which path to take, A or B, and I took path A. The writers mentioned the alternate path to take even though I have never discussed anything with them - in fact I’ve never had any sort of contact with them” - Deep T.

“I was braced for complete disaster when I submitted my screenplay so obviously I was delighted to hear some positive comments! More importantly, I was so grateful that my reader took the time to read and think about my screenplay so carefully. The suggestions and insights I was given were enormously helpful. Honestly, I am amazed at how easy it was to just pay a few beans, and wait just a few days, in order to learn so much so quickly. I’m a little bit in awe of the whole thing. Great fun.” – Sue

“WOW, WOW.... Brittany and I really are appreciative and impressed with the notes we got back on Riding With Molly! The coverage person provided us with excellent suggestions, insights & guidance. We just love the way the person committed to going into the story and the sincerity and honesty in which they responded. I could say more, but time to get to work on improving the script.” – Marty

“First off I have to say I greatly appreciated the notes. I’ve been working on a list of things I wanted to see happen and change in the script and everything that was written in the notes just validated that I should go in the direction I wanted to. It’s beyond refreshing to have someone break it down on a level where they understand what is going on just as much as I do. I never took any note as criticism, all constructive and motivating. In the end, I’m extremely delighted, humbled, motivated, and challenged by what was written.” – Curtis

“Thank you so much for the development notes for my TV movie “Crowded by Christmas.” The notes were so encouraging and extremely helpful. I really like the script but knew something was missing but couldn’t put my finger on it. You nailed it - specifically the need to “raise the stakes” as well as the tweaks in the characters and action in the at home scenes. This was the best $250 I’ve spent.” – Sandy

“The development notes were more than I expected and extremely helpful. THANK YOU for the great notes. The service is well worth the price I paid.” – Timothy

“I wanted to thank you for your invaluable notes. Our team has looked them over many times. We have taken your insight and are now rewriting our script based on some of your suggestions. This was a great service!!” – Ken

“Please pass on my grateful thanks to the person supplying my development notes. They're very constructive and easy to follow. I'm happy that my money was well spent. I will use your service again and recommend it to others.” – Francis

“They are great - they're detailed, make perfect sense, and most importantly I get a sense that someone really did sit down with my script and took the time to read and understand it. To me, that's really important when taking on criticism. I also like the emotional response graph - it actually is more valuable than I would have thought. And there's some great revision suggestions in there too - one I'm even kicking myself for not seeing sooner!” – Jason

"Amazing coverage and notes. I couldn't be happier. It was worth every penny and I can't wait to send you guys more of my stuff. Thanks so much. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing I'm on the right track by having such professional feedback." - Tommy F.

"I highly recommend the Development Notes Program from the Writers Store. Not only was the service thorough (forcing me to think of things that I previously hadn't considered) but it was also done in a timely manner, by an analyst who fully understands the definition of compassion and the need to give equal consideration to the good and the not so good. Now, I can move forward with confidence, knowing what I excel in and what I need to work on." - Chris

"It's tough enough getting HONEST, informed feedback. And even when you do, often it comes by itself (i.e. this doesn't work, fix that etc.). But what I appreciate most from The Writers' Store is that criticisms come with possible solutions!" - Jonathan

“I've read the report and am absolutely thrilled about it! Unlike many who have attempted to provide notes, this reader clearly read and understood the story. Which is why the notes provided are so bang-on and will improve the story tenfold!” - Jeff

“I would like to thank you for your detailed and insightful script notes on my story. The notes were excellent pointing out problems I couldn't quite put my finger on, but knew existed. The flaws with the plot, pacing and character arcs were right on. I have a lot rethinking and much work to do!” - D.N.

Story Coaching Testimonials

“Not only was my Story Specialist Mario Moreno a consummate professional, but an invaluable source of critical feedback. He brought tremendous energy and insight to each of our weekly sessions. You would think he was earning a ten-percent manager's cut. Mario (expletive) rocks." - Tyler Marceca, The Disciple Program, (Contest Winner, Robert Mark Kamen Round)

“I paid a famous guru over a thousand dollars for his feedback, and you did more for my understanding of story and writing than he ever did. You should charge more, but I’m happy you don’t.” - Jim

“I just won first place in the International Family Film Festival with my coming of age script, My College Essay!! YAY! Again, thanks to you, my mentor.” - Mary

“I had an amazing experience during the Industry Insider Contest. My story specialist, Anthony, was wonderful and the experience working with him was invaluable. I’m walking away from this competition with a well written screenplay and insights that I will carry with me throughout my screenwriting career. I recommend this competition to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and really take their screenwriting to the next level.” - Tiffany Diamond, Imaginary Bachelor (Allan Loeb Round)

“Thank you again for all your help. I feel your mentoring has not only made me a better writer, but actor, director, and editor.” - Doug

“I've greatly enjoyed the experience, especially talking to Mario every week. I wish everyone involved the best of luck, and I know I'll take a lot from this experience and from my sessions with Mario.” - Sam A., The Hunt (Susannah Grant Round)

“I’m working hard on my script!! I have lots to go on with and really want to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. I'm a serious fan of The Writers Store and yourself as mentor, and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again. Have to tell you that I woke up in the early hours of this morning rewriting scenes in my head, so I guess the script is not going to let go of me easily!” - Traicee

"The Industry Insider Contest has been a remarkable experience that has taken me from the first 15 pages of my entry to a finished, polished draft of a feature length screenplay in a little over two months. My Story Specialist (Kay Tuxford) was a wonderful guide through the process and my weekly meetings/deadlines with her pushed me to a much better draft, much more quickly than I would have come up with on my own. She was knowledgeable, encouraging and her feedback was always on the money. The contest may be over but my relationship with The Writers Store and The Story Specialists has just begun. I plan to make them part of my process in the future." - Mickey Fisher, The Marginal Way (Contest Winner, Susannah Grant Round)

"The best thing about this contest are the Story Sessions. Each week it was like picking up a conversation with an old friend, from right where you left off before. I don't know how, but my Specialist had the uncanny ability to remember even the tiniest details of my story, even when it was largely conceptual and I kept making changes to some of the bigger pieces.

I've heard other writers scoff at the idea of paying for feedback on their work or talking to anyone about it but their peers, even though some of these same people are willing to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on services like psychotherapy. Think of the Specialist Sessions as therapy for your story. As with any truly good and useful therapy, there's nothing doctrinaire in the approach and no BS allowed. You won't be compelled to write to an established formula or program. Your Specialist has only your story's best interest in mind and to that end you'll talk about whatever works. Any technique or approach, any reference from film or literature, any bit of wisdom from your collective experience is fair game. And as with a good therapist, a Story Specialist's attitude is a balance of sincere interest and unvarnished honesty -- all in the service of best identifying and solving your script's most pressing problems.

I certainly clicked with my adviser, Mario. But I can imagine him being this helpful to just about anyone. He's especially great at talking out solutions on the fly and thinking through multiple permutations of any given choice. Mario's an experienced and accomplished writer in his own right, on the verge of a promising career -- so take advantage of his time will he's still able to offer it!

I've done this twice now. I started out the first round as a skeptic, but now I'm completely sold on the concept and the process. Would I pay for this service in the future? With someone as personable, knowledgeable, encouraging and honest as my Specialist Mario, you bet I would." - Jacob Snyder, PTSD (Randall Wallace Round)

"(My Specialist) Anthony Grieco pushed me harder than any other screenwriting teacher or mentor I've ever had. And in the end, the results were well worth the effort. His eye for pacing, ear for dialogue, sense for character and mind for story left an indelible mark on the way I write." - Paul David Boyer, Triangled (Contest Winner, Todd Garner Round)

"I recently had the pleasure of completing a 12-week course with Mario O. Moreno of the Writer's Store to adapt one of my stage plays to a screenplay. I started the course with almost zero knowledge of the art and craft of writing a screenplay. I finished the course with a complete first draft that I am confidently revising on my own with the knowledge I gained under Mario's tutelage. Mario is one of the most dedicated professionals I've ever worked with and, equally important, he is an excellent and patient teacher. We agreed to a time each week for me to e-mail him my 10-12 pages of new material. He read the material very quickly (within half an hour) and called me exactly on time for our detailed discussion of his recommendations and/or questions. His comments and insights were always excellent, always on-point, and extremely helpful to me in learning the trade. He never pushed me in one direction or another. Instead, he offered thoughtful suggestions or options for me to consider.

I could have read books and eventually learned the technical requirements. However, I can't imagine that process providing me with the wealth of knowledge I gained from Mario in our detailed and enlightening phone discussions. Mario knows the screenwriting craft, not just at a technical level, but also at a subtle, artistic level. I strongly recommend the 12-week Writers Store sessions with Mario, or one of the other equally talented professionals. You will learn how to write a quality screenplay." - Jim 

"We would not have won this competition without the help of our story specialist; Kay Tuxford. Kay understood the ideas driving our story right away, and helped us focus on character development and story pacing, and helped the script develop naturally. Where we would have gotten lost in the weeds of back story Tuxford kept us focused on the tale we were developing at the moment. Our other scripts operate within a world very similar to the one we live in today, and are streamlined with that shared human experience. Bloodlines happens in a fantasy world and we were concerned about creating that sense of shared space. With her help we were able to identify our weaknesses and smooth out the explanations needed to convey our fantasy world. I would highly recommend both the contest, and Kay individually, to any writer who wanted to move their script from "good" to "excellent"." - Dustin Sweet, Bloodlines (Contest Winner, Randall Wallace Round)

"A quick note to compliment Mario Moreno from our just ended Story Specialist Session. It was a pleasurable experience. I learned much and got even more excited about my project. As a former CPA/Investment Banker, etc. I am always aware of cost/benefit analysis. Your Development Notes Package with Story Specialist session provide benefits that definitely outweigh the costs. I look forward to getting “Wall Street Rebel” on the screen. Your services and Final Draft 8.0 will have played an important role in the process, thank you." - John 

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