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Thank you for purchasing WriterDuet Pro from the Writers Store! To create your account and start writing, copy and paste the URL presented in red on your order confirmation page in a browser.

Example link: “https://writerduet.com/online?license=TEST-1234-ABCD-NLPW”

Note: If you arrived at this page by clicking the above example link in your PDF, please use the unique URL found in your account

Check out our Quick Start Tutorial, or go directly to a more hands-on experience under File > Examples > Demo.

New to screenwriting? The Format script under File > Examples > Format will teach you the basics. 

As you begin your opus, the Help menu is a great place to go for questions. At the top, you'll notice a Feature search that will instantly point you to desired menu items. Directly beneath that, the Knowledgebase is where you can find the who, what, and why of our many features. 

Once you're already rolling, we would be happy to discuss your questions and concerns at help@writerduet.com. If you have thoughts for improvement, we would also greatly appreciate your feedback. We take feedback very seriously, and spend the vast majority of our time implementing suggestions from users. Most importantly, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on new features, tutorials, and community goings-on!

Now get back to writing.


The WriterDuet Team


Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHeApVgS1FY
Knowledgebase: https://writerduet.com/blog/knowledgebase

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