Testimonials About Our Story Specialist Program

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“I won’t write another screenplay without dropping $50 on 45 minutes with Anthony. Bottom line. Writing without that kind of professional support is a sign of someone not taking their craft seriously.“ 

- Araby Patch, Finalist

"I'm fortunate enough to have plenty of smart and generous friends who take the time to give great notes on my finished screenplays. However, the feedback and interaction I got from Mario, my Writers Store Story Specialist was something altogether different. Rather than wandering in the dark alone for several months, hoping I'm not crazy, hoping I'm not walking off any cliffs, wondering how what I'm writing will be perceived by another reader, my story specialist read what I wrote every week and provided me with key guidance, reactions, and suggestions to keep me on track and moving forward." 

- Alex Berger, Finalist

"To be honest, I was interested in the contest -- the challenge and the opportunity -- but I was initially skeptical about the Story Specialist sessions. So I was pleasantly surprised when the weekly meetings with my assigned specialist, Mario, proved useful and inspiring beyond anything I could have imagined."

- Jacob Snyder, Finalist

“I can confidently say that I've grown ten-fold as a screenwriter thanks to the mentorship with Anthony. Writing screenplays has an ongoing learning curve. So having someone as seasoned and talented as him pick apart my story and shine a light on how to constantly make it stronger was priceless.” 

- Leo Sardarian, Finalist

“Being a finalist in The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest is like taking part in an exciting screenwriting boot camp. It provides intense training in writing a solid original script on a deadline. The experience really whipped my writing process into top shape and opened my eyes to the professional world of screenwriting in which you are writing on a deadline and addressing notes. I walk away from the experience with a completed draft of my screenplay, confidence to write on assignment in the future, and lessons from my Story Specialist on the craft of screenwriting that I will apply to my next projects.” 

- Sarah Newman, Finalist

"I think that this program was really well thought out and set up with 'success for the the writers' in mind. The weekly meetings with the Story Specialist really were great. Mario and I clicked right away and he kept me focused on the direction that I wanted to go. His insights were a writer's insights and those are so valuable to another writer. He always supported me and never bogged me down with biases or pre-conceived ideas. I could not have been given a more nurturing environment." 

- Normann Pokorny, 
Battling Pica (Allan Loeb Round)

"I had an amazing experience during the Industry Insider Contest. My story specialist, Anthony, was wonderful and the experience working with him was invaluable. I'm walking away from this competition with a well written screenplay and insights that I will carry with me throughout my screenwriting career. I recommend this competition to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and really take their screenwriting to the next level."  

- Tiffany Diamond,
 Imaginary Bachelor (Allan Loeb Round)

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