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gifts for writers and staying ahead of the game

Are you searching for ways to improve your writing? Use the off-season to write ahead of the game this holiday season! The lists below include some of our most popular and fulfilling content including writing software, books on screenwriting, writing supplies and gift ideas for writers, online writing workshops and audio books, online screenwriting courses, and expert advice on screenwriting.

Perhaps you’re still searching for gifts and don’t know where to begin. Any of these make the perfect gift for writers and are sure to take their writing skills to the next level! Don’t wait as the holidays are literally right around the corner, but with these lists, you’re sure to leave any gift recipient in awe.

Check out more ways to write ahead of the game this holiday season at Script Mag.

Screenwriting Software

Final Draft software for writers

Final Draft 9
_x000D_ Final Draft 9 software is the #1 selling tool designed to write scripts for film, television and theater, and it quickly and easily formats and paginates your script to Industry standards!
Dragon Naturally Speaking - Speech Recognition Software
Dragon Naturally Speaking - Speech Recognition Software
_x000D_ Dragon software is over 3x faster than typing and quite accurate. It translates your voice dictations into Word, Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter and all Windows®-based applications. Talk about convenient and on-the-go—this software can even dictate into a handheld device or with the use of a Bluetooth microphone!
Story and Character Development Bundle
Story and Character Development Bundle
_x000D_ This is the story writer’s ultimate combo that will guide you through developing your story, allow you to get into your character’s head, and overall strengthen your story.
Scrivener software
_x000D_ Scrivener is a popular word processor and project management tool for writers of long texts, such as novels and research papers. It takes all of the tools scattered around your desk and compiles them all into one application—now that's organization!
FrameForge Previz Studio 3.5 Pro software

FrameForge Previz Studio 3.5 Pro
_x000D_ FrameForge Previz Studio 3.5 Pro is an award-winning storyboarding solution designed by flimmakers for filmmakers. It turns your computer into an easy-to-use, virtual 3D film studio with optically accurate cameras, your actors, sets and props, and you can pre-shoot your film before stepping on set!


Books on Writing

Scrivener software

Save the Cat!
_x000D_ Show business veteran Blake Snyder gives an inside look into the movie business and discusses how "Save the Cat" is one of many ironclad rules for making your ideas more marketable and your script more satisfying.
Comedy Writing Secrets book

Comedy Writing Secrets
_x000D_ Become the funniest person in the room with Comedy Writing Secrets where you'll master the fundamentals of humor writing and turn your comedic talent into a well-paying pursuit!
The Screenwriter's Bible book

The Screenwriter’s Bible
_x000D_ From useful worksheets to sound marketing advice, to sample scenes and the latest on the new spec style, The Screenwriter's Bible is easily one of the most complete screenwriting books there is!
Getting Your Book Published for Dummies

Getting Your Book Published for Dummies
_x000D_ Put pen to paper and discover the gem of an idea you've been carrying with you with this useful guide. From examples to proposals and more, you'll get the inside scoop on how to publish your book!
Successful Television Writing book

Successful Television Writing
_x000D_ Become a successful TV writer on a hit show with this book filled with practical but essential advice to make your dreams a reality.

Supplies and Gifts for Writers

Perfect gift for screenwriters

Screenwriters’ Gift Pack
_x000D_ Available for a limited time only, ignite a loved screenwriter's creative spark with our Hollywood-themed pack for screenwriters. and it makes the perfect gift for writers!
Shakespeare Mugs - gifts for writers

Shakespeare Mugs
_x000D_ 30 funny Shakespearean insults direct from the Bard himself! Any writer will experience a better morning when drinking out of this Shakespearean insult mug.
Screenwriter's initial draft pad - gifts for writers

Screenwriter’s Initial Draft Pad
_x000D_ This spiral-bound notebook contains 80 pages of formatting templates and provides screenplay rules you'll need to write your script by hand! Any screenwriter will love to have this vital tool.
Typewriter pen - gifts for writers

QWERTY Typewriter Pen
_x000D_ This nifty typewriter key pen allows for on-the-spot personalization with any of the letters from an authentic, vintage Remington, Smith Corona, Underwood or Royal typewriter!
Moleskin notebook and kit - gifts for writers

Moleskine Writing Gift Set
_x000D_ This fun writing kit includes a box, notebook and a pen with minimal design to free the mind and prepare you to face the blank page, plus it makes a beautiful gift for any writer!

Online Writing Workshops and Videos

Film School videos for screenwriters

Dov Simens Film School
Got a weekend to spare? From idea to final print, two days is all it takes to find out how to shoot, produce, direct, finance, market and distribute your film on any budget._x000D_
Developing and pitching the television show webinar

Developing and Pitching the Television Show
Interested in developing and pitching a TV series? This webinar provides amazing information from a working producer with TV series currently in development. _x000D_
FilmSkills Screenwriting Kit

FilmSkills Screenwriting Kit
This screenwriting kit will set you on your way to writing a screenplay that Hollywood will want to produce. You'll learn the step-by-step process of writing a script from the beginning stages to learning how to market your script and everything inbetween. _x000D_
Writing great dialogue webinar

Writing Great Dialogue
Learn the key elements that make dialogue POP! by studying it from a wide variety of genres in this video.
Writing romantic comedies and writing love stories

Writing Romantic Comedies and Love Stories
Using the most successful romantic comedies and love stories, this DVD reveals the essential principles for writing believable, entertaining and emotional romantic relationships._x000D_

Online Writing Courses

Course on Creating Funny Characters in your Story

Creating Funny Characters
There are serious techniques for creating a classic comedy—and they all start with funny characters. This live, interactive webinar taught by a successful veteran comedy writer, teaches you the precise steps you'll need to implement such techniques._x000D_
Online Screenwriting course on screenwriting basics

Screenwriting Basics
This screenwriting class is the perfect introduction to the fantastic world of film writing including the fundamentals to the rewrite process._x000D_
Story development and outline course

Story Development & Outlining
Learn how to create a story that will draw an audience with this course that will take you from the early stages of building an idea to a strong, structured story in control of all elements.
Creating high concept screenplay course

Creating High Concept Screenplay Ideas
From being inspired to actually creating a full plot, this course will teach you the elements of a strong story for a screenplay as well as provide tools for creating compelling stories.
Writing the screenplay treatment course

Writing the Screenplay Treatment
This intensive course teaches you the principles of writing a screenplay treatment from the treatment's structure to format and catches you up to speed on the selling process.

Writing Services and Expert Help

Screenplay pitch clinic - Scriptxpert

Screenplay Pitch Clinic
Discover how you can keep your pitch from flatlining in this one-on-one session that emulates an actual industry meeting—but without the pressure!
Scripwriting coaching - Scriptxpert

Scriptwriting Coaching
Without a clearly defined writing plan and a skilled expert to steer you through the process, getting from 'fade-in' to 'fade-out' can be a hard task. Up your chances at success with one of our ScriptXpert Writing Coaches._x000D_
Proofing and formatting - Scriptxpert

Proofing and Formatting
The #1 reason manuscripts and screenplays are rejected is due to poor presentation, such as typographical errors and sloppy grammar. That's why it's essential to have a professional proofread your piece before you send it out._x000D_
Logline help - Scriptxpert

Logline Tune-Up
The logline is one of the most important tools you need when selling a screenplay. With a one-on-one session, you'll be able to present your logline to a Screenwriting Coach and receive specific guidance and a chance to ask any logline questions._x000D_
Rush service - Scriptxpert

Script Typing Service
ScriptXpert's group of experienced professionals can type, or retype, your manuscript or screenplay from either a handwritten or hard copy and provide quality typing services._x000D_

Check out more ways to write ahead of the game this holiday season at Script Mag.

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