Final Draft 9 Comparison Chart

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_x000D_ Improved - New -
Final Draft 7 Final Draft 8 Final Draft 9
   Characters Navigator
     Add Character Arc beats in each scene
     Insert non-speaking characters
ScriptNotes Navigator
   Filter ScriptNotes
     Easily see, sort, and navigate ScriptNotes
     Organize notes by name, type, or color
     General notes
     ScriptNotes do not affect pagination
Scene Navigator
   Filter any scene information by keyword
     Color your scenes
     Title your scenes
Fullscreen mode (Mac only)
Watermarking (PDF & printed page)
Character highlighting
Custom order your Cast List element
Include non-speaking characters in your Cast List element
Graphic novel templates
'Send to Script' copies index card summaries to the script
Works with Spotlight (Mac only)
Page count management (line spacing adjustment)
Remember last-opened documents
Text highlighter
Outline view of script (Scene View)
ScriptCompare compares drafts of the same script
Easy-to-access thesaurus in the contextual menu
Spell-checkers available in 16 languages
   Integrated new word libraries
   Automatically integrates SmartType list words into spell-checker
Split panels (side-by-side views of script)
Index Card View of script
Works with Mac OSX Dictation feature (Mac only)


Final Draft 7 Final Draft 8 Final Draft 9
Save reports and text files (outlines, etc.) to PDF
Export individual pages, scenes or revisions to PDF
Title Page can be included each time you save to PDF
Export script to PDF
Include Non-Speaking Characters in Character Report


Final Draft 7 Final Draft 8 Final Draft 9
Revision page colors
Revision draft colors tracked in header
Enhanced Revision Mode that streamlines changing revision sets
Print "scenes", "revision sets" and "unrevised pages"
Title Pages include their own page numbering
Title Pages include cast lists and location pages for TV templates
Avid XML export (script based editing export)
Handling production revisions/page locking


Final Draft 7 Final Draft 8 Final Draft 9
More robust and secure license management system, tolerant of OS upgrades, hard drive replacement, and more
Contemporary look and feel of buttons and menus (Mac)
New "ribbon" user interface, with classic mode option (Windows)
Retina display support (Mac)
Online User Guide for the most up-to-date technical information

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