Final Draft 11: Comparison Chart

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Compare Features


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Final Draft 9 |  Final Draft 10 |  Final Draft 11 
Beat Board
Add story Beats wherever and whenever they come to you
Use Split View to see your Beat Board and screenplay simultaneously
Organize your Beats however you like
Copy and paste entire sections of the Beat Board to your script
Drag Beats into the Story Map to organize your thoughts
Use FD structure templates to help get you started
Color code your Beats for easy reference
Drag content to and from Script to Beat Board while retaining script formatting
Custom styling of fonts in Beats
Drag Images from desktop to Beat Board
Snap to grid
Easily organize Beats in rows and columns
Cascade Beats
Export Beat Board to PDF
Structure Points
Plan the structure of your script within your FDX file
Describe your act points in detail for easy reference
Color code Structure Points and move them around your Beat Board
Story Map
See high-level view of your story and compare against actual scenes while writing
Preview scenes in the Story Map
Modify your Story Map to fit your script's length
Navigate directly to your scenes
View Beats easily against your scenes
See images in your Beats and Structure Points
View different Structure Points within the Story Map


Final Draft 9 |  Final Draft 10 |  Final Draft 11 
Speech to Script (Mac only)
Dictate text that is automatically formatted into a screenplay
Create new scene headings on the fly
Create new characters and dialogue on the fly
Speak key commands like Tab and Enter to navigate through script
ScriptNotes retain formatting of script text
Night Mode
Multi-Language Support
Write in over 95 different languages
Integrated OS Spellchecks
Allows you to break down script for scheduling and budgeting
Track story elements like sequences or acts across your script
Track customizable tagged elements across scenes throughout script
Tag all characters for reporting
Link tags to other tags for increased efficiency
Insert image(s) in the Title Page
Insert image(s) in the script
Insert image(s) in a Beat
Drag an image from your desktop to your Beat Board, script, or title page
Drag an image Beat into the Story Map
Collaborate on a script and see your writing partners' changes in real time
Manage rewrites regardless of collaborators' location
Use the chat window to communicate with multiple collaborators as you work
Insert images for collaborators to review
Discrete colors for differentiating collaborators
Simultaneously write in script with your whole writing team
Alternate Dialogue
Add an alternate line to any dialogue paragraph in the script
Store multiple versions of one piece of dialogue within the script
Toggle between different alternate options
Use collaboration feature to explore multiple dialogue options with your writing partner
View all alt dialogue options in an easy-to-access table
Scene Numbering Options
Number dialogue relative to scene numbering
Character Navigator
Add Character Arc Beats in each scene
Insert non-speaking characters
Improved color palette for ScriptNotes and scenes
Improved window layout options
New! Tags Navigator
Easily see, sort, and navigate Tags
Track tagged elements across script
Fullscreen mode (Mac only)
Watermarking (PDF & printed page)

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